ImoCho’s first episode heavily censored


As I outlined in a season preview post the other day, Saikin, Imōto no Yōsu ga Chotto Okaishiin Da Ga. (Recently, My Sister is Unusual, called ImoCho for short) has some of the ingredients in place to be a surprise nude ecchi series this Winter season.  The one hangup was a non-nude manga source.

Well, it’s here, and the first episode brings an eye opening degree of censorship.  Either they really are hiding something or this is one of the more egregious cases of dishonest censorship tactics in recent memory.

At one point they switch to a black death ray style of censorship for the upper body area, which allowed me a chance to go fishing with my filters.  The end result was nothing definitive, though I did note that her fingers were close together so the nipples would not have likely shown between them.  That makes me a little suspicious that this censorship is a fraud.

That said, usually censors do their job well enough that just using filters won’t find the treasure underneath.  For example, even when Sekatsuyo kinda goofed and I discovered broadcast nipples in those early episodes, they properly blocked things out for the rest of the series.  When MX accidentally let some nipples slip by on FREEZING Vibrations sixth episode, that mistake was not repeated the rest of the way.  Basically, if this kind of censorship continues, there’s always a chance they slip up and we get an early answer to this question.

The key thing here is if this fondling scene even happens in the manga.  Whenever you see a non-nude manga get a nude anime adaptation, that almost always means the nudity comes from scenes that didn’t exist in the original version.  Example:  the shower scenes randomly inserted early on in Sekatsuyo.

Unfortunately, this fondling scene does exist in the manga (meaning that of course, it’s based on a non-nude scene).  That puts me at about 60% certainty that this censorship is bogus.  Remember too that this is from the same company that did Ro-Kyu-Bu!, and that series had quite a bit of bogus censorship.

Anyway, watch and decide for yourselves.  Though I think we’re being catfished here, I guess it at least gives us a reason to care about the first BD release.

Off topic:  I also confirmed today that Neptunia’s 4th BD is in fact non-nude, as was expected.  Not only the beach censorship parody scene, but the episode prior was non-nude as well.  A magical girl styled transformation graced us with blank boobs.