Infinite Stratos manga fanservice compilation


Amazingly, that is all the first five volumes have to offer.  It doesn’t exactly instill a ton of confidence in Infinite Stratos second season, though I guess any nipple sightings at least show that the novelist creator is not opposed to having them in his adaptations.

Infinite Stratos manga (first five volumes, ongoing)



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Infinite Stratos’ original source was a light novel, so what you see in this post is from the manga spinoff.

The manga adaptation began 8 months before the anime, though it feels as if the reverse is true.  Not only is the story identical, but the nudity is similarly used with notable restraint and to this point there has only been one nude scene through the first five volumes, which only cover about half the story from the original anime series by 8-bit.

Like the first season of the anime, which was censored on TV but added nipples on BD, the manga is published non-nude but, at least in this one scene, redrew to add nipples in the tankobon.

On a random side note, the main character from Infinite Stratos should be in the conversation as the dumbest / most dense lead in a harem anime.  How he could have ever believed such a cute girl with such a magnificent rack could be a guy is some truly monumental dipshittery.  His talent for failing to notice the obvious should never be underestimated.

I’ve always liked the ‘secret genius’ theory being these moronic male leads.  Perhaps Ichika knew damn well that Charlotte was fronting, and used it as an excuse to see her awesome boobs in the shower under the pretense that he thought she was a guy.  Oh if only that were the case.  Such a deadbeat would be a harem king I could root for.