Yuushibu BD vol. 1+ fanservice compilation

Just like the DxD and Sekatsuyo “per volume” compilations from the past few weeks, the video I’m sharing here is the first BD volume equivalent of my Yuushibu fanservice compilation.  On its own, it’s not very long, so I included the uncensored parts from episodes 8 and 12 (ATX), and then contrasted ALL of the uncensored material with the censored MX version, similar to my FREEZING Vibration compilations.

I also tacked on the NCOP and NCED, both of which are pretty sexy by OP/ED standards, and I ended up with a video that was twelve and a half minutes long.  Not bad.

DDL:  1080p, 720p

It sucks that we didn’t get BD specials.  Those side characters need a lot more attention.  At the very least, I hope we get a 13th episode OVA at some point, so that way I can hold out hope for the rest of those characters. (Update: apparently a 13th episode is in the works).

That said, I’m more than pleased with the fanservice output for a show that could have very easily given us no nipples at all.  I also really liked the animation quality (by ecchi standards the animation is pretty good) and the emphasis on non-nude fanservice.  Too many nude fanservice series forget the value of a good tease, even the greats like To Love-Ru and High School DxD.

This is one of the more “bouncy” animes I’ve seen that actually showed nipples.  Typically when you see an anime try this hard to please with non-nude service, it’s as a way of compensating for the lack of nudity.  The reverse is also true, shows with a lot of nudity often overlook the value of soft fanservice.  I’ve been waiting for a while to see an ecchi anime that strikes a good balance between those two, teasing the shit out of us with cleavage and bouncing while remembering to show us what’s underneath too.

Again, it really sucks that this show didn’t go the specials route.  Had it done so it would have been a classic.  My disappointment aside, I’m guessing the final video will be as good or better than comparable shows like OniAi or Asobi Ni Iku Yo.

Fino’s uncensored boobs from episodes one and two look fantastic.  Nothing washed out or half assed there, unlike the first nude shots from episode 8 which felt like they were holding back.  I really like how they exaggerated motion in this anime.  It made for some cool action sequences, but more importantly, I loved the way those boobies bounce, the “physics engine” of those things reminds me of how boobs flew around in Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!

It would be nice if Asread is rewarded with plenty of sales.  This was a good blu-ray debut for Yuushibu.