Imouto sae Ireba Ii TV Fanservice Review Episode 1:


Hi everyone (^o^), this time I will be introducing a siscon anime called Imouto sae Ireba Ii, A Sister’s All You Need!! Thou this anime was aired last season, it’s fanservice is not something to miss out!!

The story tells about a novelist who always fantasize about having a little sister. Why anime about sisters are so popular?!!

The plot begins will a naked sister waking her brother up….

And they were kissing too.

I have to say that if it wasn’t because of those censored holy light beams, the plot would have been better for the anime Shinmai Maou no Testament. (>_<)

He washes up with his sister’s bathing water and wipes his face with a bra. LOL. After that he joins his naked sister for breakfast.

WHAT?!! She took panties out using magic and feeds her brother?!! (@[email protected])

It turns out to that the protagonist Itsuki Hashima draft proposal for his new novel was rejected by his editor Kenjiro Toki. Well, I will reject this too if I’m the editor XD

The editor leaves and he met Itsuki’s step ‘brother’ while on this way back. His step ‘brother’ Chihiro Hashima is someone who is very good in cooking. She often comes to Itsuki’s place to cook for him. How is it possible for a siscon novelist not aware that his step ‘brother’ is not a boy? (>_<)

Her voice and appearance tell that she’s obviously a girl. Now these are the main girls in the anime, Nayuta Kani and Mikayo Shirakawa.

Here’s some fanservice of Nayuta while they are playing games waiting for dinner prepared by Chihiro. What are they playing?!! XD

After the dinner, Itsuki and Nayuta are alone together.

Wine topples down on Nayuta’s shirt. So, she took a bath at Itsuki’s place. Here’s some fanservice on the bath scene.


The episode ends with Itsuki continuing his work on writing a better novel. Thought there would be more imouto fantasy plot from Itsuki at the end, but will be looking forward for more on the next episode.  Too bad more of the anime was not like the begining imouto fantasy. Hopefully that the coming Shinmai Maou no Testament anime can do better than this. (^^)

Basically, don’t mind the unreasonable plot. Just keep calm and enjoy the fanservice. Too bad more of the anime was not like the begining imouto fantasy. Stay tune for more fanservice in the next episode fanservice review. Thanks! (^o^)/