25-sai no Joshikousei fanservice review episode 2


I think I need to go to the nurse’s office too after watching this.


This week the r18 version is 5 minutes and 24 seconds this time compared to the 6+ from last week. However just like last week it isn’t what you think and all of that time isn’t spent on the episode itself. This difference this week is because the credits are sped up cutting some time off. In other words this episode in reality much like last week has only a minute of extra content compared to the standard version.


The brightness of this show is killing me. The episode starts with a flashback with Hana remembering what kind of person Kanie used to be in highschool and how he was someone who didn’t care about school much and would skip his supplementary lessons. The makes Hana surprised that someone like that would become a teacher. After this flashback you will get this short skit in the next scene in the standard version for a few seconds to cover the r18 content.

If you are watching the r18 version then it skips that skit and instead goes right into the following…

Two different webms in case you just wanted the beginning groping part by itself.

This is scene is literally a 13 second pan of a static image with no movement which is why I didn’t make a webm of it. I did make a webm of the scene right after this though but let me warn you it might make you dizzy. That is why I made it to show you that this show really wants you to get sick one way or another if not from over brightness than from this…

Why did they do this? Why even make such a scene other than to get your audience sick? On the positive side it reminded me of the OP from Big O when stuff is spinning around in it. So that is one good thing, it reminded me of a far better show.

Her body is not moving at all. This is the animation we are dealing with here. Despite her being fingered she has the behavior of a doll being fingered. Maybe they teach woman in japan to play dead when about to get raped hoping the man will go away. Or maybe they are taught that rapists are like the trex in jurrasic park and can’t see you if you remain still.

Kanie continues to do stuff to her and tells her to be quiet or else others would hear her and her secret would be revealed. He also reminds her that he could ruin her secret as well if he wanted but Hana then comes to the realization that if she gets caught and he knows about it he would get in trouble too.

The smell must be terrible so he had to close those legs. Must smell like this show’s animation.

This is where the standard version resumes after that short skit from earlier finishes.

Kanie eventually stops what he is doing and tells her that he will help her in keeping her identity a secret. He tells her that she acts much different from her cousin so she has to stop doing that or others will catch on quick and she must also make sure to treat him as a teacher or people would get suspicious as well. He also tells her to stay close to him so he can protect her from people like that other guy from the previous episode since after all everyone in the school thinks she is her cousin.

Later when Hana is at home she decides to look through her old yearbook to see if she can find Kanie since she couldn’t remember him. She finds his picture and sees how much he has changed in appearance since then which is why she didn’t recognize him. She then looks back at her own highschool picture and realizes her appearance hasn’t changed much at all since highschool which is why he was able to recognize her so fast.

Hana gets a phone call from Kanie who has gotten her phone number from the alumni association so he could call her. He reminds her that the sports festival is next week and that she needs to train for it since being 25 means she won’t have as much stamina as she did in highschool and as a result that might end up giving her secret away if people see her struggle at it. Kanie tells her to meet him tomorrow in her gym uniform so that he can help her train and prepare for it. She realizes she has no choice and will have to go and the episode ends.


WebM Album.


So for this episode they speed the credits up this time though it still ends up being like 50 seconds long while the episode itself in the r18 version is only 4:30 total. So I guess after these two episodes we can assume this is going to be like Skirt when it comes to extra content in which each episode has only a minute extra time in the r18 version. This can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. The good is that it ensures a minute of extra content each episode but the bad is the same thing and that is it ensures only a minute of extra content each episode. As we saw with Omiai last season that show would regularly go well over a minute each episode for extra content and probably out of all the r18 shows had the most amount of extra time in it’s r18 version. Souryo would sometimes run over a minute for some episodes as well making that the 2nd longest but Skirt just remained at a minute each episode so it had probably the least amount of r18 content as a result. 25sai so far seems to be going the way of Skirt and will be on the low end of extended scenes but we are only 2 episodes in after all so maybe this will change.

As for the show itself it is really clear this has got to be the lowest budget r18 one yet. The animation is really poor at times and as I keep pointing out too bright. You can’t even call this hentai level animation as the vast majority of hentai is better animated than this is unless of course it has queen bee on it. Actually I think that would be hilarious to see now that I think about it. Imagine one of these r18 shows done with queen bee animation it and that would easily be the comedy of the season. I don’t think I would even be mad at such a thing as all my posts on it would probably be hilarious as I talk about how much the show made me want to kill myself. They are using various hentai companies after all so maybe that will happen one day. Kind of a shame Studio 1st is tied to this though by doing some assistance work for it because they actually do semi decent stuff on their own at least far better than this show. Should have just let them be in charge of the show instead as it probably would turn out better than Lilix doing it. Also probably wouldn’t torment my eyes either with all the bright whiteness.

I wonder how bad the torture of this show is going to be. We are only 2 episodes in and I want it to be over already. Fortunately I’m not wasting that much time on it which is why you see less screenshots compared to my other posts since I’m not even bothering putting subs to help out since who cares at this point as the show is too terrible. I need to get to work on my Marchen posts since that at least is better than this.