Cube (Kantoku) – Kantoku Publicity Visual Book Scans

Nipples, pantsu, and Dakis galore!

If you’re a fan of tropes such as those, I think you’ll be in for a real treat here. Unlike the previous artbooks covered on this site, however, there isn’t any hentai in this one. In addition, you’ll probably notice that the girls are a lot less top-heavy when compared to, say, the TORANOANA girls. I guess it’s only a matter of time for pools to cover different types of anime chicks.

If the artwork looks familiar, that’s probably because Kantoku did the character designs for One Room, A Sister’s All You Need, and some other VNs.

Link to Pool

It should be noted that what’s in the post is only jpg versions of the artwork. PNG versions can be found in the pool linked above. I’ve also left out quite a bit of artwork without fanservice, so if you enjoy this artist’s style enough, I highly encourage that you check out more of their work.

I’d like to see what your favorite pieces of work (or any of the “reoccuring girls”) are, so please leave a comment!