Blend S TV fanservice review episode 2:

Smile! Sweet! Sister! Sadistic! Surprise! Service! (^o^) Is there any other S we can think of?

Lets continue the story of Maika the sadistic waitress.

Maika was early for work. Without knowing, she was sitting on top of the manager’s back.

Her sadistic appearance and comments may be shocking to everyone, but everyone likes that way. Her customers love it too. XD Well, that’s how the way she is.

Eventually, the manager’s friend is frightened of her. Uh-huh, that was so sadistic!! (>_<)

Alright, the here’s some fanservice of her in the dressing room.

And the main fanservice begins here when Maika and Kaho are eating ice cream.

It stained on Kaho’s clothes, so Maika stripped it off.

That oppai that mass, the guys sure are having a good time looking at it. XD Soon Mafuyu shows up, and it seems awkward for her.

Maika feels bad about it, so she stripped her clothes off too. The manager was so excited, and he gets what he deserved from Mafuyu. By the way, how did she do that with her height?

In the dressing room again, Mafuyu was fighting with the manager over a mahou shojo figurine. The fight was exaggerating and probably exciting~

And this is the outcome of their fight, and the winner is…….Mafuyu!!

Well, the expression of losing is a bit…..did he rest in peace?

In the end, lets enjoy Maika cosplaying as a mahou shojo.

Of course, the manager loves it.

To know more details of this episode, be sure to watch Blend S episode 2. Stay tuned for the next fanservice review. (^^)v