Killing Bites Episode 2 Fanservice Review

Killing Bites, doesn’t it?: Part 2: The Part-Two-ening!

We’re going in RAW here, so expect lots of hair and pussy badger getting in your College Bed.

Our male MC everyone……………………..  barfy



Let’s just get the bulk of the perversion out of the way first…

Get used to these tits from last episode, they are all you’re getting this episode.


The anatomy really is the saving grace of this show, I covered it last episode but it remains nice to look at here. Badger girl is toned as Fuck with WIDE ass hips and the shading reminds me of Queen’s Blade or Seikon; kindov that clean “high production” aesthetic. It’s still anime though, so there are some angles, background characters, and in-between animations that can be “meh” if seen frame to frame, but most won’t notice.

Shame we aren’t seeing the bombastic ecchi I would like.



“Fat-Acceptance” Wolverine joins the fight


The episode’s highlight comes in the form of a new lesbian animorph stealing Badger-sama’s panties while she’s on the toilet. I’ll admit it made me lol, and briefly rustled my jimmies in anticipation…. but it doesn’t really go anywhere from there besides seeing Badger-sama’s bare ass teasing the camera occasionally as she runs after the thief.

Again, it’s a well-designed ass, I really am liking the way the full-figured girls are drawn… I just wish it was taken one step further.

There’s having the ecchi, then there’s FULLY acknowledging the ecchi. Killing Bites has not yet fully acknowledged the ecchi.



And that’s all folks, we get one last panty shot in the next episode preview, looks like some kind of school festival shenanigans, par for the anime course.

Overall Killing Bites has yet to prove itself, but it has the art/character designs to do some great shit if the creators actually have it in the cards, though we might be heading towards action with service instead or service with action…. The going commando panty sprint was a nice bit, but it certainly isn’t going to rock my jaded johnson.


Until next time, I’ll be waiting for good ecchi