Imouto sae Ireba Ii TV Fanservice Review Episode 4:


Hi everyone (^^), the fanservice for this episode is not on Nayuta or Miyako but on a loli tax accountant. Miyako drops by Itsuki’s place only to know that there’s a guest coming on that day too.

Soon, the loli tax accountant, Ashley Ono arrives at Ituski’s place. She’s a blonde haired loli.

She looks tall to be a loli, but I’m speechless about the small chest….She went inside Itsuki’s place and was suprised that his home is neat and tidy. She also compliments Itsuki for being organized as all the receipts are sorted monthly.

She’s very interested in the figurines that Itsuki collected and asked him to explained it clearly. Some of the figurines there include Sagiri Izumi from Eromanga Sensei and Kirino Kosaka from Oreimo, which are some of the popular siscon anime. So, where is Mio Naruse from Shinmai Mao no Testament?!!! (=_=)

She also asked Itsuki about all the erotic games that he bought. Obviously, it’s all about sisters.

And now she understand that Itsuki is a siscon, she went back to working. Suddenly she gave some advise to Itsuki’s imouto fantasy.

But Itsuki strongly disagrees saying that the perfection of his work is more important than cutting cost.

After a whole day of explanation, Itsuki was so tired that his soul almost came out from his body. XD

The next day, Itsuki’s friend Haruto came to his house. He was suprised that the loli tax accountant came too. Ashley tease him saying that he loves maid characters and owns a lot of adult games.

Haruto finds all the teasing and all the fantasies in his mind unbearable.

And he reached his climax!! Off he goes ~!! The episodes ends with Ashley giving that a document asking them to know more information about tax before she leaves.

Lastly, don’t forget to pay tax and visit Fapservice when you’re free. Hope readers who like lolis will enjoy this. Thanks for reading (^_-)v ~ Stay tuned for the next fanservice review!!