Blend S TV Fanservice Review Episode 6

The episode starts with all members of STILE Café going for an outdoor trip.

But apparently, some of the staff is not interested about it. They prefer indoor activity rather than going outdoor (>.<)

Maika brought a big fish there for barbecue. The manager is capable of cutting the fish head with a small knife. And everyone enjoys the barbecue.

Maika’s expression while eating is scaring the manager. Haha, underaged are not advisable to drink beer. (^_-)

While on their way back, they decided to go to the beach next time.

The next day, Maika went out with the manager to buy swimsuits (^w^)

Erm, that’s a very good sunburn counter measure, but it looks like a mysterious stalker somehow.

Maika finally picked her choice of swimsuit!! But the manager fainted from excessive nosebleed. (>.<)

Finally, they went to the beach. Needless to say, enjoy the FANSERVICE!!!

The manager is soon out of breath after blowing all the swimming toys for the girls.


And now, here’s some nipple sighting. Hahahaha~

Concentrate on the game dude (^o^) where are you looking at?? Let continue with the fanservice of Maika and the manager.

Poor Akizuki, the was buried by the girls….

That’s a very nice view thou~ Maika got a cut on her leg while on the way buying shaved ice with the manager.

The manager was anxious that he carried Maika to bandage her leg.

While the others are waiting, Maika and the manager showed up like this. It’s only a small cut but it looked so serious.

The episodes end with Maika having a good time enjoying the sunset with the manager.

Hope everyone here enjoyed the fanservice too~ stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review!! Thanks for reading (^o^)/