The Seven Heavenly Virtues fanservice review episode 2


Life with an angel waifu that cheers you on.


Since this is the second episode and thus has no need to give a intro to the story like the first did that means this episode and presumably all the others has more time spent on the episode itself since the introduction from the first episode won’t be eating into the time. This time we get an episode centered around Uriel the angel of Patience.


Uriel has found someone whom she wants to train to be the Messiah and decides the best way to train him is to cheer him on from the sidelines so that he will be motivated to work hard and better himself. To avoid being spotted by others especially those that align themselves with the Sins she decides she will spend as much time in the shadows as she can like a shinobi so she won’t get caught and won’t interfere with the guy’s life while simultaneously cheering him on. In short he now has a angel ninja waifu.

Uriel continues to follow him around during the day while reminding him to be patient and keeps trying to motivate him during his work.

Uriel eventually confesses to the guy that she has fallen in love with him and that she has also noticed that he is looking tired from his work despite her best efforts to prevent that. Meanwhile he is still confused as to way she is following him around in the first place and how it makes it hard for him to focus on work. Apparently she never explained things to him unlike Michael who did explain the stuff about being a Messiah to her candidate in the previous episode.

Uriel blames his lack of focus in work and bad performance on herself believing she hasn’t cheered him on enough to do better and that she will now increase her support for him.¬†Also I realized that since she is training him to be patient imagine how different this show would be if it had been another of the r18 ones instead. Uriel would probably train his endurance and patience by trying to make him cum by giving him handjobs, blowjobs, titjobs, and finally fucking him while telling him to be patient and hold it in.

Uriel continues to follow him around which makes him nervous every time he realizes she is there hiding. Meanwhile she continues to hold in having to go to the bathroom since she doesn’t want to interrupt him at any point.

The guy’s boss ends up spotting Uriel and asks if she is why he has been doing bad at work recently. He tells her no and Uriel realizes she was spotted but at least he was able to make up an excuse for her and that she must try harder to not get caught again.

Uriel tries to hold in going to the bathroom and doesn’t want to ask him where it is because she doesn’t want to interrupt his day. Eventually she has no choice and can’t hold it in any longer and asks for him to take her to the bathroom. She tells him how sorry she is that she had to make him stop working to do it but he tells her not to worry about it.

Uriel still feels bad about not being able to hold it in and offers herself up as punishment for her interrupting him and says he can do whatever he wants to punish her which he turns down. By the end of the day though he has been fired due to his work slipping as a result of her following him around all the time making him unable to focus.

He returns home after looking for a new job and discovers Uriel is already there in his house. She tells him that she was trying to hide since she still wants to help him from the shadows like before but only this time she wants to help him with finding a new job. Regardless he now knows that the two of them will be living together now and she tells him how she hopes he will take care of her as well. So now he like the previous guy from the other episode he has his own permanent angel waifu and the episode ends.


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This episode seemed to be primarily for ass fans (much like how the previous was for panty fans) since even though it gave two short nudity sightings most of the episode’s focus was on Uriel’s butt which due to her clothing is pretty much close to naked. Also I guess if someone was into the thought of girl’s peeing or holding it in there is that too.¬†This episode also felt longer than the previous one because like I said at the start they didn’t have to spend time on a storyline introduction so we can probably expect this for all the episodes as well.

Kind of wish they would hint at who is next though at the end of each episode. The order isn’t going to be what is shown in the credits as this episode went against that. We will know next week if the order is going to follow the character introductions from the first episode since the first two episodes have went in that order so far but that could just be a coincidence so we just have to wait and see. Even though it is short the show has so far managed to give the characters some kind of personality despite the limited time available. So with that said it will be interesting to see how each of the other characters are portrayed and what kind of service their character gives since it seems like the show might be trying to give each character their own unique kind.

All of Uriel’s talk about patience and holding on makes me think how super interesting this would be if it were hentai. Uriel would probably tell the guy to be patient while she fucks him telling him that he can’t cum till she does. She kept yelling endure during that one part of this episode after all so she probably would be forcing him to learn how to endure and be patient and hold it in as long as possible as a way of training. Actually that is a good point that shouldn’t be restricted to this hidden invisible text that almost no one knows about or sees. I need to find some place in the post to mention some of this as well.