Killing Bites Episode 4 Fanservice Review

Killing Bites, doesn’t it?: Part 4: El Quatro!

We’re going in RAW here, so expect the touch, the bad touch…


Let’s get the majority of the perversion out of the way first…

Wew, and I thought Berserk 2016 had bad CG. I just don’t get it, whatever money you may save with CG just gets taken away from your show’s credibility…  It distracts and makes shit laughable. Can you honestly say that looks good aesthetics-wise?


Based potential milf coming

90% of this show’s perversion has been Badger girl in various clothed poses, we need a change fellas, this is getting a bit stale.


Aaaaaaand with that, the majority of this episode’s “perversion” is done… I don’t even think the above images are perverted in the slightest, but I had to post SOMETHING right?

This mostly confirms my previous episode fears that this show may just be Action ice cream with a few ecchi sprinkles on top rather than an Ecchi buffet with an Action salad on the side. Very poor ecchi this episode, I can’t even say many shots of best Badger girl were very good, it’s the SAME clothed shots, shit just didn’t stand out at all this episode. Remember folks this is the “uncensored” airing we are watching.

Can’t say this bodes well for the show, even the core “plot” rather than “PLOT” seems like a retarded physical chess game combined with random encounters. Badger girl pressing “X” to not die each episode is getting a tad boring, especially when you don’t bring nudity or even a close up ass shot.


Until next time, I’ll be waiting for good ecchi