Imouto sae Ireba Ii TV Fanservice Review Episode 9:

Nudity, Pantsu or Both!! (^o^)/

Hi everyone, (^^)/ i would say this is the best fanservice episode for this anime!! The episode starts with Itsuki didn’t see eye to eye with the mangaka, Kaiko Mikuniyama.

The artwork is nice, but the scene which supposed to be nude are covered with panties and lingerie. (Y_Y)

The fight started as she insist on drawing underwear on the imouto fantasy novel because of her underwear fetish whereas Itsuki wants them completely nude.

Fortunately, his friend Setsuna came to visit him. He stepped in to settle the dispute.

They agreed to have a competition on who is better in drawing the imouto fantasy manga.

And now, she took out her leathal weapon-Pantsu!! It was glowing with heavenly glory~ XD

She mask it on her face before the competition starts!!

Eventually, the power of pantsu is too overwhelming and she won the competition!! (Actually, her artwork is pretty much better than Setsuna and Itsuki personally voted for her too) XD

Nayuta wasn’t very happy with the new decision of the manga. She invites Kaiko to her place to talk about it.

Eventually, Nayuta lose out with her drawings. XD

But it not the end of it~ Here come the main thing!! (^^)

And fanservice just gets better and better…..

Eventually, Kaiko still got the upper hand. But at the same time, she finds that drawing nudes wasn’t a bad idea after all…… Later on, Miyako joins the fun!! (^^)

A few weeks later, the new manga manuscript was completed. Itsuki was very pleased with it as it finally have both panties and nudity is the scene!!

That’s it for this episode of fanservice review. I really like the way they handle the dispute in such a bizarre way. Whatever it is, i really enjoy the comedy and fanservice for in this episode. Really hope there’s more things to see in the BD. Thanks for reading everyone!! Stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review!! (^^)v