Tachibanakan Triangle fanservice review episode 1


Girls can be involved in harem shenanigans too.


So begins the next short of the season. Interesting thing about this show is some censorship that occurs during the episode which I’ll address when we get to it.


The main character Hanabi gets off a bus having just arrived at the place she is going to be attending highschool. She looks at the address of the dorms she will be living at and heads there only to see when getting there that it looks nothing like she imagined and wonders if she has the wrong address.

Shortly after getting there she sees a girl standing around naked and admires her beauty. More importantly is that this is the first of something suspicious going on with how they showed the scene. First let me empathize that the manga did not have nipples during this part either but there is something strange going on that could result in something hopeful. First let’s take a look at the manga page for this scene.

In the manga version she does not have a towel but is instead censored using flower petals the same petals we can see are already in that scene in the anime and yet were not used. So why did they do this change? Also of note is that the pan of her chest which crops out right before reaching the end of her breast is not in the manga meaning this was something added in specifically. So this brings up the question of what could this mean. Was this simply a directing decision or are they hinting at something on BD? Could that panning scene last a few seconds later and could the towel be removed? Even more evidence that we may see BD changes is her ass not appearing in the pan up scene. As you can see in the manga version we get to see her whole body but here in the anime it is only from the waist up. However in the pv for the show released some time ago we saw her ass in it.

So that right there is evidence of this actually being censored and if they are censoring that with cropping it adds some weight to the possibility of the chest pan being cropped as well. Have yet to see any uploads of the at-x version yet to see if the same thing applies there as well. Up next after this scene is another scene of note for a difference in it compared to the manga.

As Hanabi is lost in though another girl invites her to come inside. Hanabi doesn’t recognize the girl whom seems to know her and this upsets the girl as she runs into the house since she forgot about her. This scene also has the next suspicious thing about it. Again let’s look at the manga page of this scene.

No nipples in the manga scene but there is also something else not there either. Did you notice it? The manga scene does not have the cherries appearing over her breast like in the anime version. It is important to note that the conversation about cherries was still there even in the manga but the anime added the visual of them in. The same question from before applies here as well and that is why did they not just draw it the same as the manga? Why were those cherries added in the anime when there was not anything that needed to be censored there even in the manga. Is this all just the director trying to make the cherry joke more apparent or does it mean something else. Unless the director has never seen an anime before they should had known what they would be implying by putting the added cherry in so hopefully it is deliberate to indicate something.

It is very similar to object censorship we get in other shows and most people upon seeing this would probably come to the same conclusion that something must had been censored there. So these two scenes and most specifically this one lead to a very confusing situation. Will these scenes be uncensored on BD with nudity added in? The studio has done nudity before so nudity is in their repertoire. Or are these two scenes just meant to be directed differently from the manga to make a joke more apparent but if that is the case it is a joke done in very bad taste as most people especially those unfamiliar with the manga would assume there may be nipples getting blocked out.

Hanabi chases after the girl only to run into another woman who welcomes her to the┬áTachibanakan. It is at this point Hanabi realizes that they are indeed at the right address and as they feared the dorms don’t look like they pictured.

After learning Yoriko is the manager Hanabi starts to think that the name sounds familiar. It is at this point the girl from before calls her by name making Hanabi wonder how she knows it only to suddenly remember what is going on.

Hanabi remembers the girl’s name is Konomi and that they were neighbors as kids and that she must had remembered her but she completely forgot about Konomi.


Hanabi fully remembers now that it has been 6 years since they were last in the area before they moved away. After spending the day having to talk to Yoriko about everything that has happened since then Hanabi questions who that naked girl from before was that she saw when she first got there. As she is walking down the hallway she meets someone else and quickly notices that she isn’t wearing any underwear and passes out ending the episode.



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Since this is a short they only got through part of the first chapter so who knows how much of the manga will actually be covered. Ideally I am hoping they skip around to show the best chapters instead since otherwise at the rate they are going and the short length they probably wouldn’t even get past the first volume. The important thing though is what should we expect when the BD comes out? The studio (Creators in Pack) previously did┬áNetsuzou TRap last year and that had nudity on BD so nudity is something the studio is willing to do. We have actual evidence of a scene being different in the pv compared to what we just saw in the episode and we have had 2 other scenes already that had either suspicious cropping or a suspicious object placed over something that was not present in the manga as well. Could this all be trolling or is it a hint that maybe the anime will add nudity into places that it was not present in the manga and will be shown on BD? Also keep in mind the manga does contain stuff like this as well…

And then there is this from the manga in which nipples can sort of be seen underneath the steam if you look close enough and lower the brightness of the steam.

So who knows maybe the anime is willing to go all the way and will give us extra nudity not in the manga also. The BD comes out on July 18th so we will know then if it will be uncensored or not (read the featured comment for new information).

Almost all these shows I end up covering end up being shorts. The only full length show I did was Akiba’s Trip back in winter last year. Guess it is a good thing though considering how much time I spend making webms and stitches and such. I’m probably going to be the one doing Senran 2 when that happens so that is at least one full length show I’ll be doing. There is also something in the summer that I might do as well that is full length. Doubt I will be doing r18 shows again for a while.