Isekai Maou season 2 gets a pv and air date


Magic is everything.


Today the air date for the second season of Isekai Maou has been announced as April next year. Along with it we got the first pv showing what season 2 looks like with it’s new studio doing it compared to season 1.


Obvious who the best new girl is out of all of them.


The site also updated pictures of the new characters and their voice actors.






Fanis. Has the same voice actor as Stunk from Ishuzoku Reviewers. The gender swapped Stunk obviously from that episode not the normal one. Also voices Yurishia in Masou hxh.



The show starts in April which makes sense because a BDBox of season 1 is releasing in February. Interestingly the bdbox description mentions a creditless op/ed of both term 1 and 2. No idea if that really does mean season 2 or if it is in reference to how the ED sort of changed in season 1 halfway. Will be interesting if it really does mean an early preview of the second season’s op/ed. AT-X also seems to be planing on airing all the episodes for season 1 next month as well in preparation.

As for the preview itself it gives us an idea of how far they will cover of the LN based on what characters are showing up. More importantly though is the fact that they have two scenes of Shera’s breasts bouncing and then focusing on Rem’s ass moving is good news. It shows they are aware of the fanservice and seem to maybe be embracing it with this demonstration. Which hopefully means we won’t have to worry about things like the orgy scene the characters witness which we should reach in season 2 being cut. The self awareness of service is also really important because of another interesting thing that recently occurred in the manga and how this awareness paired up with this recent development in the manga could potentially be good news. For starters back in April when the second season was first announced I did a news post on it showing some of the content from the LN and manga we will potentially see in season 2 so look there to see that if not already. But the recent manga development which is important happened just a few months ago so wasn’t mentioned back then.

In october the recent manga volume came out and in it was something never before seen in the manga. At last the manga finally started to have nudity. Previously any nudity in the manga was either blank, blocked by lightbeams, or various other means of censoring. But here in the recent volume it was at last finally uncensored something the previous volumes had not done.


In the volume we get nudity of Horn one of the new girls. So the question is can we infer anything from this development? Is the manga finally having nudity right before the second season simply a coincidence or could it mean something? Could they be preparing to actually go nude in the second season possibly? The second season does have a different studio compared to season 1 which was non nude so could the studio change be related to this and also add to the fact this pv does show some focus on service. So with these two things plus the manga starting to have nudity in it could this all add up to the very real possibility they might actually give us nudity for the anime this time?

Off the top of my head I remember a similar thing happening with Lie Angle years ago when I did posts on that show. The manga up to that point had only been partial nudity but then after the anime it started to include clear nudity and then when the bd came out for the show we saw it added nudity all over the place that wasn’t in the manga. Could a similar thing be actually happening here with this series hopefully? It’s just wishful thinking for the time being and we only have this recent manga volume to go on. But the actual manga adaption finally giving us nipples does put us in a better position for nudity then we were prior to season 1 airing. It will be interesting to see if the next manga volume continues the nudity trend because if by chance it does that will prove the manga is indeed going nude from now on and not just a oneshot which will give more hope for the anime.

Of course they could always end up trolling us like Okaasan did which though it did actually give us nudity it ended up only being nudity of the character most people weren’t anticipating to see while everyone else was ignored. Hopefully they don’t pull that here and give nudity of Horn like in the manga but leave every other character out. In the meantime just need to keep an eye out for interviews, and the next manga volume, and any other hints on if they really are leaning towards a nude route this time or not. Since this pv is numbered as the first we will certainly get another one before the show airs in the spring. Until then nothing else to do but pray the recent manga change is an indicator of the anime taking a different direction from season 1.

If we do get nudity in season 2 I better get Alicia nudity. Watch this be a monkey paw wish and she does get nude but doesn’t wear her glasses. In that case I better get Meidos nudity as compensation even though she probably won’t be in season 2.