Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 2 fanservice review episode 1


Starting a new adventure.


Season 2 has now started and the first episode gives us more content than episode 1 of season 1 did. No nudity obviously but does come close at times. The show primarily uses object censorship for blocking it out with only one scene using lightbeams. So far though it doesn’t look like we have to worry about the studio change for this season affecting the service we get.


Show starts with Lumachina and another paladin being chased by someone. When he summons a worm to attack her bodyguard he then orders it rape Lumachina next. As she starts praying for God to help her Diablo falls from the sky crushing the monster killing it. We then get the OP.

This could mean interesting things for the future. Assuming this is an early look at her scene where she gives Diablo’s arm a titjob which happens later on it almost looks like they might be changing what she is wearing but hard to tell could just be a trick with the angle and words. But that almost looks like her ass which shouldn’t be visible if she was wearing her dress like the LN and manga. Though I guess it could be that it is moved to the side because of how she is angled. Her underwear looks to still be there but her top is hard to decide. It kind of looks like there could be something still on while at the same time could really just be the words looking like it instead. Hard to see because of those words. But the point I’m making is this really makes me wonder if they might be giving us more skin during that scene when we get to it making it something to look forward to.

Diablo and the others are out training as Shera suggests to Rem for them to start sunbathing. When Rem tells her no and they start fighting Diablo thinks about how he got there and we get a short recap of season 1. After Shera asks him if they can sunbath he tells them they are there to try a new spell and not that. He casts a spell on a log which allows it to fly so he can use it as transportation. He thinks about how the game had equipment which allowed you to fly as well and that he has some stored in his dungeon he built. As he is flying he sees a strange light and when going over to look closer the spell runs out and he falls into it. This then takes us to the part at the start of the episode with this explaining how appeared there.

Diablo gets up after having killed the one monster and sees a girl that is naked. She tells him she is Lumachina and starts calling him God believing he came to answer her prayers to save her. He gives her his cape to wear while telling her he isn’t God as she doesn’t believe him.

The guy chasing her yells that Diablo is really a demon and not God with Diablo asking why a paladin is chasing after her since she seems religious so it wouldn’t make sense for them to be enemies. He tells him he was given orders by someone to kill her and that is all that matters as he summons two worms to attack both of them. Diablo kills both the worms with a wind spell which the paladin notes is one of the strongest wind spells and he would never be able to cast it multiple times. When Diablo says he can he doesn’t believe him and summons more monsters to fight.

Diablo uses an ice spell to kill all the monsters and freeze the guy. He then tries to tell Lumachina again that he isn’t God as she passes out. Rem and Shera then reach them as they take her back to the city.


Back at the inn Lumachina askes Rem and Shera about Diablo who she still thinks is God and what their connection is. Shera tells her they are his slaves and shows the collars on them as Rem stops her and just makes up an excuse that Diablo is really their adventure party’s leader. Lumachina tells them she needs Diablo to be God since he saw her naked and the only man that she can allow to do that is the one she is married to which means if he isn’t God than she has to marry him.

Diablo is in another room talking with Edelgard and Klem and telling them to stay there until they know more about Lumachina as he hears Rem and Shera yelling at her that they are first in line to marry Diablo and she can’t. When Diablo arrives Lumachina asks him if he is really God or not. Knowing he can’t tell someone from the church he is the demon lord he instead tells her he has to keep his identity a secret and for her to keep calling him Diablo instead. They then ask her who she is as she tells them she is the head priest of the church. Which is why she thinks Diablo is God since she is the highest ranking person in the church so him appearing like he did would make her think her prayers were answered.

When they ask why she was being hunted down she says that the church is ruled by Cardinals and the head cardinal Vishos is the one that wants her dead and he has the church’s paladins following him so he has the entire church’s military behind him. She tells them she asked too many questions about the illegal stuff the church was doing and tried to investigate the bad conduct by the paladins and other corrupt things the church was involved in which is why they want her dead now. Her plan was to escape and reach the city zircon tower since Batutta the head paladin is stationed there whom is known for being good and even took part in the war long ago so she knows she can trust him and wanted to contact him and tell him what is going on at the church so he can protect her and stop it. Diablo thinks to himself how that city is where the dungeon he built is as well.

After they point out the church will still be sending people after her now that they know she is still alive she says she still plans on going. Rem and Shera ask Diablo if they can help her by escorting her to the town so she gets there safely. Diablo feels sorry for her but doesn’t want to make an enemy of the church due to how much power they have in the world but if all they are doing is escorting her to that town so she can be dropped off to Batutta then it should be safe since they won’t have to worry about getting into a fight with the church then. So he agrees to help her reach the tower.

Edelgard and Klem then enter the room and when they see Lumachina they instantly know she is from the church and she knows they are demons. Diablo then stops Edelgard from attacking her before they are able to fight as they get ready to leave the city.

How many Azure Dreams references can I make throughout the show every time they show that tower in the desert. Wish konami would revive the series but if they did it would probably end up as pachinko.  

They decide to leave Edelgard and Klem behind in the city while also saying goodbye to Mei, Sylvie, Celestine, and Emile and asking them to look after the two of them while they are gone. As they are leaving the city Klem gives Shera some of her power by increasing her bow’s strength by putting her power into it as Diablo notes it caused the bow’s rarity to go up. They then all leave the city and head off to the tower city as the episode ends.



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A better first episode compared to season 1’s but that probably is because the characters are already established and we know who most of them are already unlike the start of a show. Didn’t notice any quality issues either so the studio seems to be fine in that regard as well. Service wise we got more than the first episode of the previous season as well which is a good first impression for the studio as it should hopefully mean we don’t have to worry about the service being skipped out on especially since we get more of it in more extreme types compared to season 1. Really hoping they keep the npc orgy intact when we get there.

There were some different means of censorship used in the episode but nothing we can get hopeful on being different on BD just yet. There were lightbeams during the Shera and Rem part but I’m going to assume those won’t be removed and even if they did probably wouldn’t be anything there. The most common censorship used in the episode though was conveniently placed objects which we have seen before. If this was another show could be hopeful this would be redrawn on BD but here not expecting it but would be really nice if that did occur. That Fanis scene in the OP also has me curious. Is she still wearing the dress from the LN and manga or does she remove it. Are they tricking us using those scrolling words like those bubble censorship things to make it seem more nude than it is or will we actually get more nudity than the source during that part. Sadly that scene is in volume 6 so it won’t be till way later near the end that we reach it to see what they give us.

The only instance of nudity itself so far is of Horn in the manga and that scene in question we should reach in this season later. How they will approach that scene will probably be the main one to watch for since unlike the other scenes this is the one where in the volume release there was actual nudity. So even though it still will probably be censored when we reach it how they censor it could tell us if we could anticipate it being different on BD to follow the manga’s nudity or not and maybe if we can expect the same for other scenes. So far not expecting anything yet but hopefully as the show goes on we get a better idea on if they plan on keeping season 2 non nude like season 1 or do things differently.

Also another thing to note is that unlike season 1 there is no atx version which removed some basic non nude censorship so anything we get during the show this time we will have no way of knowing if it is censorship or just how they did the scene till the BD. Speaking of the BD there is a sad fact this revealed. The information was released on it’s contents and it seems to be 3, 4, and 3 episodes on each of the three BD releases. In other words this season is only 10 episodes. Would be nice if the reason it was short was because they were planning an ova for afterwards but that would be too much wishful thinking. Overall though this episode didn’t have any major issues and it does seem they are keeping the service in so the fear of things being different due to a different studio are alleviated for now. Hopefully they keep that up and we see good things as the show goes on as there are some nice scenes we should be getting this season such as the orgy, the Fanis arm titjob, and others.

Since we are on the subject of a show focused on magic I will use this time to say Sonia being a blue tome in Fire Emblem Heroes after finally being put in the game this week saddens me. They finally added her from FE7 and with good art and I wanted to use her on my main team but since she is a blue tome instead of red or green I can’t. Why does that matter? Because for blue I have Reinhardt maxed out and since I actually bought the pass to get his new costume for the stats increases I am never replacing him. So blue tome users I have no need for. Have to hope when they add Cornelia from 3houses in eventually they don’t ruin her or worse ruin Miriel when finally added. Hidden vidya rant over. Also I just realized this is my first season 2 post as this is the first show I have covered that got a season 2. Hopefully Healer is next in that regard.