Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! Episode 1 Fanservice Review

Learn to love these girls. You’ll be seeing them a lot.

This is Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai, an anime adaptation of a visual novel released in 2009, itself having been at least partially translated to English as far back as 2011 to my recollection. The officially translated English title of the anime via Sentai is Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls, which is stupid.


Episode 1:

This first episode was quite dry for fanservice, serving mostly as an introduction to the majority of the characters that will be seen throughout the series, as well as detailing the setting in which this story takes place. It isn’t too important to understand if you’re just here for the service, and if you really wanted to know more I’d suggest simply playing the Visual Novel, which does a far better job of immersing the reader.

I will be introducing these characters as well. It may disappoint you when I say this first episode does not contain any nudity. If this is the case, please be patient, as our first nudity of the anime comes in the next episode. Fanservice, however, is not absent and we do have some decent shots. As I am new, autoplay cannot be disabled and Standard Definition is the default – High Definition is available with only a click.

Kazuko Kawakami. Members of the Kazama Family (essentially the main group) call her Wanko. Rival to Chris, who calls her “dog.”


Christiane Friedrich. Most people just call her Chris.


Shiina Miyako.


Yukie Mayuzumi. Nicknamed Mayucchi. Momoyo calls her “Mayu-Mayu.”


Momoyo Kawakami. She’s the main girl of this series.

With that out of the way, let’s begin.


The episode begins with a battle between rival classes F (red) and S (blue) of Kawakami Academy. S is a class of elites, many of whom look down on the inferior F, to which most of our main cast belong to. The goal in this battle is to defeat the enemy’s commander.


During this opening battle sequence, we’re given a flashback in which Yamato, our protagonist, confesses his love to Momoyo, who rejects him despite admitting that she “loves” him as well, but only as a friend.


As the battle continues, some (maid) fighters representing Class S sneak through Class F’s lines and attack their commander directly. The maids seen here are Lee, Azumi, and Stacy respectively.

Yamato anticipates this however, and sends Yukie to defend the attack. Lee and Stacy are taken down with some clothes tearing action, but Azumi is left standing and continues the fight against Yukie, along with some other maids she brought with her.


Azumi realizes Yukie’s strength and escapes.

Autism Note: Azumi’s tits aren’t nearly this big in the Visual Novel. See for yourself. This is acknowledged in the A-1 fandisc, though not in the typical I-want-them-to-be-bigger way, as Azumi is 29 years old and is too mature for that. She’s a ninja that, during her training, was not given kunoichi training because they were too small.


Enter Kokoro Fushikawa of Class 2-S, the arrogant rich girl of the series. Presumably preparing to attack Class F, she is warned that her forces are stretched too thin and is vulnerable to an ambush.

This ambush happens and Kokoro is taken captive. Shortly after, we see a video uploaded by Yamato in which he is slapping her ass and Kokoro is forced to admit she suffered a humiliating defeat. This is done to lower Class S’s morale.

Autism Note: A similar ass slapping of Kokoro happens in the sequel to the original Visual Novel, Majikoi! S during Kokoro’s route, though under different circumstances. Given that this anime was released before the full release of S, perhaps this was the writers directly referencing this scene from the anime.


The battle reaches its climax as Yamato and Class F takes the fight to the enemy commander. Momoyo appears and reveals herself as a member of Class S’s team to the surprise of Yamato and friends, who would rightfully expect her to fight on the side of Class F. Momoyo explains that the battle is more interesting this way. Ageha Kuki (white hair, X shaped scar on the forehead) arrives and together with Yukie begin to fight Momoyo, as they are the only two present who can hope to match her.

The anime to some degree expects you to have some knowledge of the Visual Novel. Ageha is considered a worthy opponent by Momoyo, but before the events of the anime, Ageha retired from fighting to become head of her family’s company, the Kuki Corporation. Ageha’s fighting ability has presumably regressed over time, explaining her inability to match Momoyo in this fight.


Enter Tsubame Matsunaga. As Yukie and Ageha continue to fight Momoyo, Tsubame appears and enters the fight on the side of Class F. Though a minor character in the anime, she would receive much greater characterization in Majikoi! S, having a route of significant length.

Despite the fight becoming a three on one, Class F realizes this will only further delay Momoyo’s inevitable victory. Yamato and Class F decide to charge the enemy commander while Momoyo is distracted.

Yamato and Class F are successful in defeating the enemy commander. Momoyo is told by Tsubame that her pride is a weakness and is left forlorn looking at the rest of the celebrating Class F.


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The conclusion of the battle segues into the closing scene with credits included, in which Yamato approaches Momoyo, gives her a birthday gift, and confesses once more. A similar scene in the Visual Novel has Momoyo accepting, but in the anime she rejects him once again, saying she’d rather be friends. The men of the Kazama Family attempt to console him, while Miyako realizes this is her chance to get Yamato for herself. The rest of the girls feel the same way. What’s interesting here is that only Momoyo, Miyako, and arguably Yukie are romantically interested in Yamato in the common routes of the Visual Novel. The anime plays up the harem aspect as will be seen throughout the anime.

And that’s episode 01. As I said earlier, the first nudity begins next episode. I’ll see you then.