Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon Episode 4 Fanservice Review

+1 to harem

As was the case for episodes 1, 2, and 3, .Noir adds another babe to his harem/party. This one being an elf saint named Luna Heela. Yes, she is a healer.

Luna is best girl.

You can disagree. But you would be wrong.

Luna has a peculiar ability to remove any illness at the sacrifice of her own health. She can in theory cure the curse that plagues Maria, but at what cost?

Elsewhere, Noir visits Olivia for advice on how to cure Maria. Olivia bestows upon Noir a luck enhancement spell that makes it more likely that he’ll encounter ecchi situations, which in turn will boost his LP. 

In a predictable sequence of events, Emma trips and falls into a provocative position that rewards the MC. Notice how the random bystander girl is blushing. She has seen this exact scenario play out dozens of times.


to be fair, that is quite the advantage to have. Some would say it is the most important asset that a best girl could have.

After some poor kid gets injured by collapsed building debris, Luna takes the initiative to heal them from harm. At the sacrifice of her health.

Needless to say, she cannot heal Maria without dying. So the adventurers have a dilemma on their hands.

They eventually decide upon a plan to save Maria, without sacrificing Luna – entering a contest for best harem, winner receives a lot of money. Noir can then modify Luna’s ability to sacrifice money instead of her health.

To be continued.

Every episode is book ended by an ecchi scene unrelated to the main story. Very often including the little sister, who is scarcely involved in the show itself.

The harem pride event next episode is the funniest of the season, as the contestants have to emulate various fanservice prompts in front of a judging audience. Look forward to it.

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