Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 2 fanservice review episode 8


Best girl returns.


Main service this week is towards the middle of the episode. However it’s not close to what anyone that read the LN or manga version of the scene would probably had wanted from it. Even more so if you compare it to a similar scene in season 1. At the very least though Alicia returns and gives extra service with her dress.


Everyone arrives at the royal capital only for the guards to get suspicious because of Diablo’s appearance and think he is a Fallen. Since they have Lumachina with them he doesn’t want anyone to find out so he gets ready to threaten them just as they get stopped by Alicia. She tells the guards to let them in as she mentions having gotten a letter from Rem about them arriving.

When Alicia takes them to where they will be staying they get worried at how much it will cost as she tells them not to since she is paying for it as they wonder how rich she really is. When Rose questions who Alicia is she tells her about her devotion to Diablo as Rose deems her one of his possesions and thus counts her as safe.


During dinner Horn mentions wanting to become stronger to be of help. Rose tells her there is a way as she shows Horn a master servant collar. She tells Horn that if she makes a contract with Diablo she will gain access to his power and thus improving her own skills as well. The downside though is that her life will be bound to him and that if he dies she will too. As she tries to think about it the others mention how if she has that collar she will never be able to get married to anyone as she will become his property as Shera and Rem start thinking how marrying Diablo will be their only option as well. As Horn considers it Rose takes the collar back and doesn’t want to let her use it now.

Later that night Alicia goes to meet with Diablo and tells him how the king doesn’t know about what she did back in season 1 trying to revive the demon lord. She then asks him to explain what they are doing in the capital. Meanwhile the others all decide to sleep together due to not liking being in a large room by themselves.

After explaining everything to her she says she will do what she can to gather information about the church and Vishos that could help them. However even if they gain evidence of the church being corrupt the kingdom can’t do anything about it due to a law preventing the kingdom from getting involved in affairs of the church. Because of this she tells Diablo he is the only one that can stop Vishos by killing him and everyone else at the church as Diablo remembers how crazy Alicia is. She then leaves after telling him she will investigate the church.

Diablo wakes up later that night and sees Rose watching him. She tells him that her energy is low and that she usually could recharge just by being near him but only a small amount. She also would sit near him when he slept as well only to discover the wireless charging doesn’t work when he is asleep. As a result of this she is now low on power and needs to be recharaged again. He is told in order to do so he needs to make physical contact with her and put his magic energy into her as she strips so he can gain access to her ports on her back to do it.

Makes me think of Ar Tonelico and the scenes similar to this. A shame we don’t get new games anymore.

After charging her up she is restored to 120 percent power as she goes to sleep afterwards. As you can guess this scene was pretty tame compare to what we should had gotten. The main thing of putting his fingers in her still happened but you didn’t really see anything. Before getting to that though here are the source materials versions of it. First the LN if you want to read how the scene played out there…

And the picture with it.


Now the manga’s version of this scene.


So plot wise there are some things missing here. Both the LN and manga bring up how he needs to use what he learned from Meidos back in season 1 when he tried to remove Shera’s collar for him to properly restore Rose by looking at the various magic flow strings in her. He also remembers how this is similar to when he had to do this to Rem using her vagina back in season 1 in order to set Klem free. Wouldn’t be surprised though if they cut that because they knew drawing that comparison would remind people how poor this scene is in comparison. Actually I’ll do the same thing last week and post the whole scene here and you can see how short it is and how little you actually see.


If this was any other show could hope this was a BD change type scene as it certainly plays out that way with you pretty much seeing nothing but since it’s this show almost no hope for that. If you didn’t know what he was even doing you would be confused here. Other than the scene after showing him taking his fingers out there is no indication that he is putting his fingers inside her and is feeling around trying to find her core causing her to get aroused at this. Most of this scene is just frames focused on faces with little movement. Meanwhile remember back in season 1 when you could clearly see and tell that Diablo was fingering Rem in that scene. Just another case of them toning the service down and trying to rush through it as fast as possible.

The next day Alicia brings a large amount of evidence of what the church was doing such as taking donations to use for themselves and such. She says she got this information from a group that works with the church after she offered to bribe them for it and they gave all the evidence over. She tells Diablo this is his chance to go and kill everyone as he stops her and asks Lumachina what she wants to do. She says she wants to take the evidence to the church and confront them and then excommunicate Vishos. Diablo agrees to let her try that as they head for the church’s district.

Alicia gives them robes to wear that all the followers in that district have so they can enter without bringing too much attention to themselves. When they arrive they see the cathedral is floating in the sky and they need to use the teleporter to reach it. When they ask to see the cathedral they are asked if they want prayers before heading in there. When Diablo turns them down the followers start to panic at being rejected while Lumachina tells him how important the prayers are to them. Rem is then able to calm them down by saying they were in a rush and lets them pray anyway. As a crowd gathers around them, Vishos and the other cardinals come out and reveal to everyone that it is Lumachina as they remove their robes since there is no need to hide anymore.

Lumachina tells everyone about all the evidence she has revealing the crimes the church has committed and that she is now excommunicating Vishos and all of his cardinals. He denies it and tells everyone all the evidence is fake and that Lumachina has abandoned her duties and was running around being a sinner instead accusing her of wrong doing instead as he orders everyone to capture them. As Diablo gets ready to fight he is stopped by Lumachina who says she will surrender on her own in order to spare people from getting killed in the fight. Horn uses the fact that everyone moves like a static image to escape while Diablo and the others turn themselves in and enter the teleporter with the knights and are taken away as the episode ends.

The end card this week is done by Shimahara whom is the artist for Iya na Kao Sarenagara Opants Misete Moraitai Hon which was that one girls showing their panties show. He posted a clean version on his twitter and also an alternate version of it as well that wasn’t in the episode.




Webm Album.



Only redeeming thing in this episode was having Alicia return but even bringing best crazy girl back isn’t enough to save from the boredom of everything else in the show. At this point scenes being weaker than their LN or manga variation is par for course for this season. The fact that these scenes end up around or less than a minute doesn’t help either. Also the regular instances of the ED being replaced with actual show runtime really reminds you how poorly planed out this season was that they need to squeeze as much time as they can get which the 10 episode thing certainly doesn’t help. The OP actually had a minor change in it with Rose appearing in parts she wasn’t before. Odd of them to change this with only 3 episodes remaining though. Was curious to see if the ED would have changes later on like season 1 did but considering we only have two episodes left and most likely the final episode won’t show the ED either I guess they won’t bother.

Next week is going to contain a scene that relies on a scene they skipped earlier on so we might end up getting a flashback to it instead. The scene with Horn peeing in the cup at Diablo’s dungeon has it’s end result happen next week. But since they skipped it and only showed her holding the cup for a few seconds in the following episode they will either need a flashback to it or will just have it mentioned in a single line. Just two episodes left to finish the rest of Volume 6 of the LN which is where they will probably choose to end this.

I don’t even know what to put here because I’m so bored of this show at this point. Not even best girl returning can save it. I actually wish I could have the next two episodes air instantly now so I can just be done with this show. Motivation for these posts is already at zero.