Kaguya-sama Love is War Season 2 OVA Fanservice Review

An OVA that has fanservice with no nipples and a lot of funny character commentary.

I’ve split this post up into four main parts in the OVA:

  • Swimming
  • Shower
  • Magazines
  • Cooking Contest

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Some fanservice with the swimsuits and swimming.

Sorry fam, but you’re in for a disappointment if you wanted uncensored nipples.



Transitioning over to the shower room. This is where the scene with nakedness is, and the bath scene with Chika and Kaguya.

Unfortunately it’s boobs without nipples (covered in soap or some other convenient censoring). But there is some humor in here, and commentary about how annoying this type of censorship is.

Yes, we’re also disappointed.

Might as well call it a sauna instead of a shower with that much steam.

Well, can’t really enjoy the shower in peace and silence when we’ve got the studio stressing us out with this censorship, right?

Hayasaka demonstrates how to make a cappuccino afterwards.

Now we get to the part where Chika wants to get the soap, but then starts rubbing herself all over Kaguya.

Then Hayasaka decides to ruin this intimate moment with the dreaded lightbeam censors. If anything, this is a lightsaber flashlight specifically for a situation like this. Isn’t that convenient for the studio?

Indeed. Indeed it was.

Calling that porn? There aren’t even nipples.



After the shower scene is the magazine found on the street.


Cooking Contest

Nothing noteworthy for fanservice, but this statement was sort of funny:

Maybe he’s in a difficult financial situation because he’s spending money on all those magazines and DVDs where he anticipates uncovered nipples but ends up getting blueballed.


Despite this OVA not having nipples, it did have some funny moments and definitely had some parts that can resonate with watchers that anticipate fanservice but then get shafted.


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