Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 2 fanservice review episode 9


It’s almost over.


There is no service in this episode. Seriously nothing. Can’t even count the half second of the barbie doll nudity of Horn as anything worth mentioning. Might as well skip to the end where there is possibly interesting news. Though don’t get your hopes up just yet from this bit because there is disappointment along with it.



Diablo and the others are locked up while Lumachina is taken somewhere else to await her execution. Meanwhile Horn is packing up so she can run away and as she is doing this she sees the cup she took from his dungeon at the time and cries about how she wants to help them. This results in the goddess inside the cup being summoned and telling her that she has the ability to increase her level if she wants and since she already received a blood offering from her she doesn’t need anything else.

Horn remembers when she had to pee and was told by Rose there was no bathroom around and so she ran to find something to use and saw the cup. When she peed in it she wondered why it disappeared right after and now she knows the goddess drank it but doesn’t tell her what it really was since she thought it was blood.

After she tries her magic on Horn it doesn’t work as Horn realizes it might be because of pee being used instead of blood. The goddess says she senses another level up method in the next room as they go in there and find the master slave collar from before. Having no choice Horn uses it to form a contract with Diablo and become stronger as a result.


Back with the others Diablo tells them they can’t break out even though it would be easy to because Lumachina doesn’t want them to cause a scene. Meanwhile Horn goes to the teleporter to get to the cathedral and is recognized by the guards. When they go to attack her she unknowingly activates her new power which causes them to be charmed. The goddess tells her that she now has a charm ability and can use it on people to get what she wants. So she uses it and asks the guards where the others are held and for them to let her through and not tell anyone.

As Horn runs around the place the goddess tells her she has went from level 20 to 80 thanks to the collar as she continues to use her new cunny powers to get past any guards. She eventually finds the others and as she is getting ready to pick the lock she is attacked by a paladin. This causes Diablo to break out of the cell to save her.

While Diablo uses a potion on Horn to heal her the others fight off the summon from the paladin. Only for him to summon another to destroy their counter summons. As the paladin mocks Horn’s attempts at doing anything since they were able to get out of the cell even without her, Diablo says she did help in a different way. He says he now sees that the peaceful way that Lumachina wants isn’t the right path and thanks to Horn realized it and now is going to fight and not care about not killing as he battles the paladin.

Despite having a female voice and eyelashes this is a guy. So unlike in the case of Gewalt where you could tell it was still a guy with a male voice they seem to have gave this one a feminine voice to make his trap level higher.

The paladin summons a bunch of monsters at once into a giant ball which Diablo is able to kill with magic. When the paladin tries a direct attack he is unable to hit him as he tries summoning another monster. Diabo crushes that with rock magic and then has the rock aim at him killing him. Afterwards they then try to think of a way to find Lumachina.

Diablo appears in the sky to all the followers waiting outside and threatens them by announcing he is the demon lord and has come to pass judgement on them for their lack of faith. He then starts attacking random spots to intimidate them and demands the one closest to God be brought out to battle him as a way to get Lumachina brought out from where they are keeping her.

After Lumachna is brought out he makes note to everyone that she is the only one still there and all the cardinals including Vishos are missing meaning they must have ran and betrayed everyone. He does this in hopes of making the people believe Lumachina is their only chance at surviving as he puts on a show threatening her and the followers in hope she will fight back which will result in him faking being defeated which will restore everyone’s faith in her and make her look like the hero. Instead she announces that she accepts death and tells all her followers not to fear heaven and let him pass judgement on them. This results in Diablo panicking and needing to think what to do now since he doesn’t want to kill the followers and she ruined his plan.

As Diablo is trying to figure out what to do, Vishos summons the creature he was storing underground as it comes out to attack as the episode ends.

The end card this week is by Korie Riko whom also does hentai like the others.



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Not much to say about the episode other than no service at all and the only good part is that we only have one more week left of this show ruining the series. The “good” news though is what I mentioned at the start but don’t get too happy yet as there is disappointment currently with it. So yesterday they announced that 2 different versions of the show are now going to be sold on websites starting at episode 1 and presumably one new episode each week and one of those versions is a director’s cut version. Here is the news announcement which includes a link to the online store they are selling it.


Currently episode 1 is out but as of typing this up no one has uploaded it. However someone on twitter in japan has posted comparisons and I’ll show you one of them and then link to the twitter to see more in the comments below since I don’t like using other people’s work in my posts when I can avoid it and want them to get credit for it.


So it looks like in the OP they really did make Fanis naked like I theorized back in episode 1 but of course as we saw when this scene happened in the show she wasn’t. More importantly we see that her nipples are nothing more than skin nipples. So what the fuck? You will also see in the other examples even in the case of the lightbeams being removed there is either nothing there or it’s only a smaller lightbeam. So in other words they censored this show for airing and now are selling the less censored version as a director’s cut edition but it doesn’t provide anything that they couldn’t really show in the original airing. It even says in the description couldn’t be shown and yet the show was airing at 130 am and the content being censored isn’t even nudity and we have seen other shows airing earlier get away with worse. Just another milk more money scheme which is no surprise considering the gacha game they have for this that has been going on for the past year.

One thing that is really odd though is that this director’s cut version is mentioned nowhere on the BD description. So unless they change it between now and it’s release on the 25th this month this makes me wonder if this is going to be online only. If this was going to be included in the BD you would think that would be stated specifically since “content that couldn’t be shown on air” is definitely a sellable feature that would increase sales so why was that not stated before? Will be really shitty if this truly is online only as that will mean those who have a physical copy will be left with an inferior censored version while the less shit version is digital only.

The BD comes out in 3 weeks so we will know if these changes are there as well or not then. It’s possible this director’s cut decision happened only recently and they have not added it to the BD description yet so who knows what is going on. As it stands currently though the online store will be selling director’s cut versions while the BD as far as right now as I’m typing this is concerned has not said anything about it’s contents being changed after this announcement. Perhaps they will announce those changes to be included on BD in the next few days who knows. In the meantime hopefully these director’s cut episodes start getting uploaded either each week as a new one comes out or they do indeed end up in the BD version and show up that way. Since we now know there are changes in these director’s cut episodes be they online only or BD as well I will probably do follow up posts covering multiple episodes at once and their changes when they show up.

This first director’s cut episode makes it appear that they really don’t intend to do nipples though. Really bizarre they would go the skin colored route though instead of straight up barbie doll nudity instead. Perhaps and I say this as a very big perhaps but maybe as a way of coping with how horrible season 2 has been so far we can hope of maybe the possibility of the BD indeed including this director’s cut version but fully uncensored and maybe the version of the director’s cut we are seeing online still has some censorship. Like I said this is big wishful thinking but it’s all we have left now. Final episode is next week and can finally be done with it.

Annoyingly this means after next week I won’t be done with the show. I will probably do these follow up posts a few episodes in one go though since I’ll only be covering the censored content so it shouldn’t be too hard. Plus who knows how long it will take for uploads to happen. In the case of mom isekai for example I had to wait like 6 months before doing a BD post because of no uploads. So now going to have to do that here.