Kimisen Episodes 9-12 Fanservice Review

The End

Did anyone ask for coverage of Kimisen to continue?  You may not remember it being covered at all. But hey, content is content and its nice to finish things you start. So here’s the final batch of reviews for this D tier fanservice show.

There was little to no attention paid to the story of these remaining episodes – apologies to those interested in the plot. Here’s a context-less slideshow –

I included this picture of a shirtless dude for irony purposes. If only the girls were as scantily clad as this guy. Who the target audience of this show is, I do not know.

There was an attempt to stitch this entire panning shot into one beach body image. The movement made this an impossible task however.

This beach scene ends with only a single eye catch. Alice, tne main heroine/Asuna clone, does not appear at all. I’d say its disappointing there were any expectations to begin with.

Without context, you may think this was a moment of intimacy between these characters. I can assure you however there was nothing of the sort taking place here, and any contact between them was entirely platonic.

And thats all folks. Yes, this was all the service in the four episodes. Yes, this was a horrible choice for seasonal coverage, obviously. But in my defense episode one looked promising, delivering bathing shots of a sexy blonde waifu

some redhead with a nice ass

and a clumsy girl with double d’s

How was I to know there would be literally zero ecchi hijinks and barely any catches from here on out? That none of the girls would ever be shown in lingerie? Should I have read the source material so I know what I’m covering before hand? Probably, but that’s too much effort.