Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu fanservice review episode 2


Doing side quests with cute girls.


This episode gave more service than the previous one with particularly two main scenes with one at the start and another at the end. There is of course censorship in the non atx version like last time but there is also a part even in the atx version near the end that could still possibly be censored which may give hope for BD if we are lucky.


Diablo wakes up and sees everything hasn’t been a dream and him getting sent to a different world really did happen. He thinks about how he still doesn’t know if he is just trapped in the game or just in a very similar world and will need to investigate. As he gets up to leave he sees that while he was asleep he grabbed Shera and Rem and the fun part begins.

As he is trying to think about what to do Shera wakes up and sees him grabbing her and tells him he can’t do that unless he agrees to let her be his master since she still wants credit for summoning him. Rem then wakes up from the noise as well and has a different embarrassed reaction instead.

As they all head into town, Diablo uses this time to ask questions about the place so he can try and figure out how similar to the game world it is. He notices that there are less humans compared to the game and as a result the difference in races is more varied compared to the game which might explain why the guy last night hated him for not being human. He also learns that the world does operate on levels and that Rem is level 40 and Shera hasn’t been told her’s yet till they get to the guild. He notes that in the game this area is a much higher level for players which leads him to believe everything in this world is a lower level than the game world was.

After arriving at the guild they go to register and Diablo realizes he can’t read the writing in this world so he convinces Shera to do his for him. Afterwards he finishes the signup by having them take some blood. (If only this was an r18 anime then it would had been a semen seal and those dog girls would have to extract it themselves from those signing up).

Next they each take turns using a magic mirror to determine their level. Shera finds out she is level 30 but when Diablo tries the mirror begins to malfunction unable to handle how strong he is. All this noise gets the attention of Sylvie the one in charge and she asks them to come into her room to talk.

Considering loli femdom is a top tier fetish that requirement should not be a downside.

Sylvie tells them that since Diablo is so strong that the guild wouldn’t be able to know what to do with him in terms of quests or orders and says it would be odd for him to join. He tells her he doesn’t care about things being too easy as long as the rewards are decent. She accepts this reason and allows him to join and gives them a quest to go on.

They recive a quest from the mage’s association to kill a snake in the forest. While heading there Diablo asks about the ability to teleport there instead of walking to the confusion of everyone not knowing what he is talking about. He learns that unlike the game teleportation items don’t exist here so not all videogame logic applies.

After arriving at the woods they begin to look around for the snake when Shera notices that people are hiding in the trees. Diablo realizes that the whole quest was a trap and targets his spells at the location of where they are hiding.

As the ones hiding fall after being hit they see that they are elves. The leader believes Diablo to be a slave trader that kidnapped Shera and has come to take her back while revealing that Shera is really a princess. Diablo realizes that the reason this quest was setup by the mages association is because someone from there must hate him and told the elves this lie so they would attack him. Shera also refuses to return since she doesn’t want to marry the person back home that she is being forced to.

When Shera refuses to go back they decide to take her by force. Their attacks do no damage to Diablo as he learns that they are not fighting the proper kinds of monsters and that must be why so many people in the world are such low levels. The elves try a special stronger arrow this time only for it too to be reflected causing no damage.

Diablo uses a freeze spell that covers the whole forest and beats them. A this point the guy he fought in the previous episode appears to yell at them for failing as Diablo sees he was the one behind the trap. He runs after being threatened by Diablo while Shera tells the elves she isn’t coming back and will stay with the others as they leave.

Diablo talks to Shera about his strength in this world while waiting for Rem to get back from reporting about what happened. He remembers what the elves said and has realized the reason everyone is so weak is because this isn’t a game to them so there is a real risk of death so naturally most people would not risk that to get stronger unlike in a videogame in which you can’t really die. Because of that it explains why everyone in this world is such a lower level than the game because going out to kill monsters regardless of how weak you may think them to be is still a real life or death situation. Now you know why npcs in rpgs are so weak despite the fact that they could just do what the main characters do and fight monsters to get stronger but don’t because it’s not worth the risk. Shera gets upset believing Diablo has chosen Rem as his master since he says how important it is for him to defeat the demon lord. As a result Shera jumps on him and the next main service part of this episode begins. The censored version of this scene is really bad looking so best watch the atx version.

Diablo tells Shera that he doesn’t follow anyone so not to worry and that he hasn’t chosen Rem. While he is trying to keep his demon lord persona believable by acting assertive he ends up arousing Shera instead. During this part we get a quick nude pan of Shera but there is light covering up parts of it. This seems like it is part of the actual scene itself but you never know and we can hope this is supposed to be removed on BD. It is at this point that Rem returns and the episode ends.



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This episode increased the service by a decent amount giving us two major scenes of it and also plenty of breast bouncing throughout the episode as well. What is really interesting though is the scene in which lightbeams still are present even in the atx version. This could just be a false flag and there is no evidence of one way or another but this could function as a nude scene if they decide to go that route on BD. In the manga when he pinches her she is just shown screaming while fully dressed rather than this symbolic nude scene so make of that what you will when it comes to potential. It’s also worth pointing out that the show at least acknowledges that women have nipples not only by giving some imprints of them through clothing but the scene with Shera has them directly mentioned and shown under her clothing for him to grab with his fingers. Way to early to tell if anything will come from this but having nipples at least exist in some form is still more hopeful than other shows we get that just have nothing at all and blank breasts pretending nipples are not real.

As for how far we are into the series this episode covered most of volume 2 from the manga though with some stuff skipped. So it seems like the rate they are going is one episode per volume but considering there is only 7 manga volumes out right now I would assume this rate will slow down soon. The LN being first obviously goes on for far longer and from what I can tell they are still in the first LN volume so maybe they won’t slow the speed down and will just have the show pass the manga.  The show remains entertaining especially if you play jrpgs since the show feels very similar to one. So hopefully they don’t plow through all the content as quick as possible since if they go through it too fast there wouldn’t be enough for a season 2 if it does well. Overall despite being non nude so far the fanservice has been nice and it will be interesting to see how they handle some later scenes. Maybe we will get more semi nude but still censored scenes added in as well that might give us more hints as to if the BD will do anything with it. The manga does have blank breasts at one point and some nude but hair covering it parts so maybe the anime will make those better.

This show reminds me of how npcs in rpgs can sometimes look better than the main girls. I have lost track of how many games I have played and found a non important character good looking only to run to pixiv and every site I can think of in hopes of finding porn only to have nothing at all or the little that there is ends up as bad. Why do you do that companies? Why create a really good looking npc if they are only going to function as a shop keeper or something with little screen time.