Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san Episode 2 Fanservice Review

A pleasant thicc surprise begets some actual hype, can episode 2 of Sunohara bring the same adorable feels and pleasing art?

We return to the bizarre adventures of Aki and his milf-attracting Stand, Shota Chariot. Will he continue to be tempted by the golden goddess AYA and her band of adorable tenants!?

Let us see…



Anyway, to keep things running smoothly, I’ll be detailing just the superior moments of this show, not every single frame of animation. Hopefully then your individual loading times for this page will remain slick.

We begin with…

Ah yes, how could I forget.


oh yeah, and this girl exists too, not that her attitude gives her any points…

Remember what I said last week about this show’s formula? Seems pretty spot on, like a cosplay round table combined with a niche fetish, and of course the whole harem dormitory atmosphere tends to stir up those classical anime feels that many look for, SoL type shit.


What I wouldn’t give for some nipples… although I’ll give Sunohara a tiny, TINY defense by stating (based on the majority of her fanart) that Aya seems to have inverted nipples, which would explain why they aren’t going to stick out like chicken timers all the time…



We’re reaching dangerous levels of Thiccness here.


Matching Ts? Guess they are already fucking…



Oh, and a Loli shows up every now and then I guess… seems a spider is on the loose.


With the spider defeated, all is right with the jail bait world…

….until the fucking cock-blocking loli shows up. I’m already starting to get tired of her gag, 2 episodes in… Stop cock-blocking you no-breasted nothing.

Oh, oh now it seems the loli is trying to curse young Aki and we the audience with the fucking Ring tape…. excellent. Really winning points with me flat-chest..

alright, maybe she’s not too bad with those ideas. Pick a damn side girly…


Oh? oh… what is this now?

Oh shit.

YESSSSSS Yes young Aki, take what’s rightfully yours!!!

Ah but of course he doesn’t have to, because based Aya is already his.

Next week I think her tits get bigger…




For those who may ask who Milena is.


And for those of you out there with access to the SadPanda, here’s a couple of my favorite /ss/ doujins to help celebrate Sunohara with…  you know, if /ss/ is actually your thing.



Until next time.