Joshiochi! 2-kai kara Onna no Ko ga Kudattekita fanservice review episode 2


Sharing a room with a girl and trying not to get arrested.


About a minute and seven seconds added to the r18 version this time. It also appears that maybe the show won’t have a real ED credits and might just be doing what it does in this episode of just like a single image containing all of them. This is a good thing as that means time is saved for more content. Though this episode didn’t have sex in it like last time we do get nudity of the other girl to make up for it.

Yuki is asking about what happened and Sosuke and Sunao tell her about the floor collapsing on it’s own. Yuki doesn’t believe it but has no choice but to believe it since that is what they both tell her. She decides she will have to repair the ceiling/floor later since she is the one responsible for the place and she also decides what she will do about them needing a room to replace it. Now that I think about it the previous episode never said Sunao’s name and only refers to her by her last name here. Kind of odd they didn’t give her an actual name introduction.

That night he finds out what Yuki’s plans were to do about rooms. Yuki let’s Sunao have her room to stay in while Yuki will stay with Sosuke in his room. He starts wondering why she chose to stay with him and starts to fantasize about what her intentions might be for doing that as she goes to sleep.

Sosuke is unable to sleep due to her being in the room sleeping next to him so he just lays there staring at her. As he is watching he notices that she starts to knock her clothes off either due to her being too hot or because of how she rolls around in her sleep. Regardless he just keeps watching her to see what she does next while asleep only for her to roll over into him next.

As Yuki rolls into him it results in her making his hand get underneath her clothes. He thinks about what to do next at this point and it is at this point the standard version cuts away to this image next just like last episode…

While the r18 version gives the following.,,

Looking for the spare keys to the apartment in there probably.

You probably saw that last image and thought I would make an Eva joke. I wouldn’t take such easy low hanging fruit. Sosuke after having spent the night staring at her and the combination of his fantasies about why she might had wanted to be in his room results in him being unable to control himself. Since his hand is already on her chest anyway because of his magic ability to end up in those situations like so many other ecchi main characters he decides to touch her while she is asleep only for her to wake up in the middle of it. After this is when both versions join back up and continue on for the rest of the episode.

Yuki having woke up in the middle of what he was doing freaks out as he tries to apologize. The next morning she starts drawing a line on the floor telling him that she is dividing the room in half and that he is to not cross that line from now on. Sosuke starts to worry about it since she doesn’t know that she is the one that rolled around while sleeping and bumped into him so it’s really her that needs to stay on her side of the house. He accepts that he was the one at fault though and leaves to go to work while wondering if she might hate him now as the episode ends.



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This episode finished off chapter 1 in the manga so they might be using two episodes per chapter but it is too early to tell. The lack of an ED for the show actually is a good idea to save some more time that can be used for the show itself. There have been a few recent hentai ovas that have started to do this method of credits consisting of just two frames or so with all the credits on them instead of the standard ending credits scroll so it makes sense to see this method used here. In the case of hentai ovas that isn’t too necessary for time but for something like this that is limited to just a runtime of 3 minutes and 30 seconds for the standard version it is a good tactic. In the previously r18 shows the ED was around 30 seconds sometimes which really ate into the amount of time a short has to use so getting rid of that for each episode does add up to a decent amount of extra length will will get overall.

As for the episode itself since this was just the second half of the first chapter it makes sense why there was no sex in this one after getting it in the previous episode. This episode did give nudity to the other girl though so the episode still gave something new at least. Assuming the show follows the next chapter we should be getting sex again in the next episode with Sunoa again so there is that to look forward to for next week.

You know this whole problem with someone smacking into you while asleep when sharing a room with them wouldn’t happen if you used actual beds. Really if so many people in japan didn’t like to pretend they were cats and dogs and slept on the floor on mats instead of in beds like humans you could avoid this issues as she would just roll off and smack into the floor instead. Then again maybe japan has a high boogieman population and so by not using beds they don’t have to worry about it hiding under a bed in their room.