Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu fanservice review episode 4


Being a hero gets you waifus.


Though it is still only a small amount compared to the first two episodes we get more service this week at least than we did during last week’s episode. The main service for this episode occurs at the end of the episode after the plot from last week is resolved.


Continuing from the previous episode the Fallen that appeared explains that he used Galluk to help him into the town by hiding in that dagger he tried to kill himself with before. The other mages tell Rem to run with Celes so he can’t kill her and cause the barrier protecting the town to disappear.

While running away Rem and Celes get trapped in a corner as the Fallen corners them. Rem tries using her summon but it gets beat in one hit (good thing she isn’t pokemon trainer). At that point Emile and others appears to fight the Fallen and save them. As Emile fights he sees how strong the Fallen is but continues to fight anyway.

Meanwhile Diablo is fighting Edelgard and decides to mock how weak she is so that she will use her strongest attack. He then invites her to attack him with it since if he can show how weak it is she should run. After using her strongest move he feels the effects of it but it is barely anything to him and so he points out how weak she is and she should give up.

Diablo starts to wonder why she hasn’t ran away yet only to be told that the city is currently being attacked. Realizing that they won’t run away no matter what since their entire goal is the city he knows he has to end it fast and prepares a strong spell warning everyone. Edelgard tells him her plans to set the demon lord free and to wipe out humanity and that she won’t run so Diablo uses the spell to stop her. After killing everyone he sees that she is still alive and is impressed but hurries back to the city and discovers that return magic still works just like it does in the game to take him back.

Diablo and Shera arrive just as the others are about to be beat. He gives Celes a potion to help Emile as he goes to finish the Fallen off. At this point Celes realizes she was wrong about him like she told Rem before and that he isn’t with the Fallen.

Death means banished to The Shadow Realm here I guess.

Diablo tells him that he already beat Edelgard and the army and that their plans have been ruined. He doesn’t believe him and still tries to fight Diablo only to lose. Afterwards Diablo seals him away into a different dimension to stay forever.

After the fight Shera and Rem run up to him with Rem thanking him for saving her and that he might really be able to save her from the demon lord like he promised. Diablo panics and uses the collar as a way of hiding him being nice by saying he saved her only because she belongs to him which ends up making her even happier.

Days later the people killed in the battle were buried with Diablo realizing that unlike a game there is no way to bring someone back like the game’s world and this fact has started to hit him. He also notes how unlike the game as well everyone was able to do their best to get things back to normal despite what happened.

After some time passes Diablo is laying around not doing anything till Shera comes to wake him up and bug him. This results in Rem seeing it and the usual hijinks happen till Sylvie appears to meet them.

Sylvie tells them that the lord of the city received a threat to give Shera back to the elf kingdom or they will go to war to get her back. She tells them that they can’t just take Shera and hand her over themselves since Diablo is too strong to take her from him anyway. So instead she asks that they take on the quest of stopping the elves from going to war with the city and the episode ends.



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Service wise this episode did better than last week’s episode by having the scene with Shera near the end. We have also now reached volume 2 of the LN which does have some nice stuff coming up eventually. Next week should have the glasses girl’s introduction so we will get her added in then. Overall even when the service is minor the show itself is still entertaining enough on it’s own. It’s fitting because of the videogame theme that goes with the show but the main character being overly powerful compared to everyone else in the world is something that those that play jrpgs might relate to.

Plenty of times in games it is easy to over level and become so strong that boss fights start to be a joke and yet despite this the games still tend to play it off as the main characters story wise are struggling to win even though gameplay wise everything is a joke in terms of difficulty. In a way this show is demonstrating what would happen if the story in more jrpgs actually acknowledged your overleveling and had it integrated into the story that villains and characters actually get surprised at you winning or your power (similar to the few that do make unwinnable story fights winnable if you overleveled). In that regard it makes things interesting getting to see the villains completely outmatched and a show that acknowledges it rather then just keeping it something restricted to just gameplay like many games do. So even though the service is the main thing to care about in the show the general videogameness of it is something that is a nice extra for anyone that does play rpgs all the time.

The first jrpg I can think of that did the overleveling thing is acknowledged is tales of destiny on psx. Early on in the game when the main character and the two girls are at an inn they get attacked by the king’s army and their swordsman. You are supposed to lose against him so that you get captured and taken back for the story to continue but if you overleveled an insane amount (which is hard to do at this early point) you can win the fight and end up ending the game. It literally ends right there because you messed up the story. The main characters run away and it says they went on to become famous treasure hunters or something the end. There really needs to be more games in which that happens such as killing the main villain during the first fight with them that you normally are not supposed to win.