Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san Episode 4 Fanservice Review

How does one propose to a pair of tits?

Pretty easily… like this.


Let’s begin this week…

Blue hair wins more points each week from her episode snore-fest

Pray to the Gods of Oppai

hey, those Sortov look like nipple lines on her outfit…. maybe my ecchi-deprived mind is playing tricks on me.

Here we have the key flaw to flatties


and best woman is of course in the very next scene, as if the show itself is guiding out attention to the superior body.

Once again we get a juxtaposed scene transition from Flatty McFlaterson to…

Best woman. Who also drives the young loli to serious breast envy.


Fortunately for us, the loli’s fever dream nets us the first tasty BE I’ve seen since Manyuu. Worst girl became Best girl with just a few changes to her character in the right places.



But of course Aya has to be the center of attention.

Pink hair also showing us some good evidence for why she deserves the best girl slot.



Scratch everything I said before, Miss Aya is always gonna be the star. Say it with me now,  MMMmpf



obligatory episode closer image



Overall this episode was pretty par for the “groove” this show has demonstrated for 3 weeks. Keeps good pace though, and changes things up often even if the central gag is the same.

It included breast expansion this week (if a bit limited) so it gets a sure recommendation from me.



Until next time.