Joshiochi! 2-kai kara Onna no Ko ga Kudattekita fanservice review episode 4


Living with two girls in the same room.


This episode had the shortest extended time so far with only 56 seconds more in the r18 version. There was also some parts of the chapter covered this episode that was skipped over so that they could reach further in the manga.


Continuing from the end of the previous episode Sunao is getting ready to enter the room from the hole in the ceiling and Sosuke and Yuki have to hide to avoid Sunao getting the wrong idea (in the manga her shirt and bra were both ripped off so it seems odd they didn’t have her topless here). They both run into the closet to hide and while in there Sosuke accidentally touches and kisses her because of it being too crammed. In the standard version at this point you get the censored image warning but in the r18 version you get the following..

Sunao enters the room at this point and starts looking for her panties which were the ones Yuki found earlier and questioned Sosuke about. While she is looking around Sosuke and Yuki are squished together more as they move further into the closet to avoid getting found which leads to them doing some things as they both start to get aroused from being pushed so close together. Eventually Sunao hears a noise and decides to check the closet but only opens it partially and so she doesn’t see the two of them hiding in the corner. Before she looks further she finds her panties in the part of the closet she is looking at and takes them and leaves. At this point is when both versions of the episode join back up and continue on.

Yuki gets mad at Sosuke for what happened and hits him again. Later on in the day both Yuki and Sunao tell him they have decided to both live together with him now. Earlier in the day Yuki talked to Sunao about it when she was in the shower and they both agreed to it (unfortunately the only subs out as of writing this are ones that I don’t trust so I don’t know what the reason she asks Sunao to stay with her is). Sunao tells him everything will be fine and they both start to officially live with him together in the same room.

Later that night Sosuke goes to take a shower only to see Sunao is already in it (standard version has lightbeams here as expected). When he sees she is in there he turns to leave only for Sunao to stop him and ask if he wants to take a bath together with her instead and he agrees. This is something that should happen in anime more often. In everything else this scene would had resulted in the girl screaming and using physical violence on the guy for a simple mistake but here we get a girl that is happy about the mistake as it provides her some free dick. Interestingly during the standard version the next panning down scene has a towel added to her while the r18 version doesn’t.

The uncensored r18 version…

While Sosuke is washing her back she takes her towel off and asks if he wants to do more. Despite telling himself he would try to show restraint from now on after what happened to Yuki he decides to say screw that and goes along with it and the episode ends saving it for the next one.



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So this episode actually skipped a scene that would had been a first for these r18 shows if they had left it in. Prior to Sosuke heading to the shower in which he runs into Sunao he finds Yuki touching herself when he enters the room and this results in some stuff that leads to her giving him a blowjob. They skipped over this part for some reason which would had been the first time we saw something like that in one of these r18 shows as previous ones would skip over blowjobs as well from their manga versions (I don’t believe the prison one had any either since I didn’t watch it but looked at pics). It also would had given a female masturbation scene which has not appeared in the other shows either.Who knows maybe they are just rearranging the order and it will happen later but I think skipping parts is something we may see more of after this since they have to get far enough to get to the 3rd girl before it ends since we know she already has a voice actor and so will appear at some point.

The scene in the closet was also shortened as well so I guess it was only a matter of time till the effects of this being a short with limited time started to appear. Next week should give us another sex scene assuming the bathroom part isn’t shortened too much. After that it’s hard to tell how much they will cover. Currently we have reached the end of chapter 4 so there is still some ways away from the 3rd girl appearing. Overall though at least the show has kept most of the focus on service rather than on too much of a story. The previous shows seemed to put more¬†emphasis on the events surrounding the service while this one takes a less serious approach and knows the service is the main draw rather than some kind of drama like the others shows. Hopefully they keep at this for the rest of the show as well.

In the manga version of this chapter it almost looks like they have sex while hiding in the closet but it is hard to tell because of the censorship. Pretty sure they aren’t and it is just on the outside but still it’s a pain trying to look close enough and even that isn’t enough sometimes to know if they are. Seriously I have seen this problem in manga and even jav in which the mosiacs make it hard to tell if actual sex is occurring or not.