Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun BD Fanservice Review Episode 11

Susanoo back to the rescue!! (^^)/

As the town was under attack, Keiichiro pilots Susanoo again to protect the town.

The girls are worried about him. But they soon have other things to worry. Houkoin is there to stop them.

The giant robot who appears to stop the westerners from attacking the town wasn’t Susanoo but Takemikazuchi pilot by Shigeyohi instead.

Takemikazuchi destroys the westerners and also the town too. Soon, he battles Susanoo!!

Unfortunately, Susanoo was easily defeated by Takemikazuchi. The girls were no match for Houkoin too. After being defeated, Kiriko was taken away. (T^T)

The town was in a really bad shape. Ryouma Sakamoto carried Keiichiro back and Maika Yurihara trnasported Susanoo back.

Back at the enemy’s camp, Shigeyohsi wanted to kill Kiriko but he feels it wasn’t the right time to do it yet. XD

At night, Chiharu and Hyougo decided to save Kiriko after hearing Keiichiro calling Kiriko unconsciously.

After Keiichiro wakes up, he pilots Susanoo again to save Kiriko and to stop Shigeyoshi!!

Will Keiichiro be able to make it? Stay tuned to find out more!! (^_-)

That’s it for the fanservice review for this episode. Thanks for reading everyone and be sure look forward for the final episode of Dai Shogun fanservice review!! (^^)v