Tachibanakan Triangle BD gives nudity


The true best show of spring.


The BD for Tachibanakan Triangle was released recently and contained within were numerous uncensored scenes which included nudity. They went above and beyond with this BD by including nudity that wasn’t even in the manga originally as well. Here are the changes service wise that the BD version of the show contains.


Episode 1

Iori’s reflection in Hanabi’s eyes shows more of her butt. More importantly though is that the towel she is holding is removed showing nipples and during the sideways pan it goes on longer showing more. Not even the manga version of this scene had nudity. The cherry censorship on Konomi is also removed giving us nudity of her as well. Finally the end of the episode removes the light between Yuu’s legs when she is not wearing underwear and Hanabi sees her.

Episode 2

Movement is added to the scene when Yuu gropes Hanabi which is just a static pan in the tv version. The major change of the episode is the Konomi nudity when Hanabi falls into the bathroom with her. The duck in the tv version is moved away but the most significant change is a redraw removing her hair which allows for her breasts to be shown which was not the case even in the manga. Later the scene with Iori has the sliding door fully open showing all of her ass which the tv version only opened partially. We also like before get to see her chest with the curtains moved out of the way. After Hanabi falls onto her the lightbeam at the crotch is removed and the final scene of the episode is zoomed out some allowing Iori’s chest to be seen more.

Episode 3

The lightbeam on Yoriko’s underwear is removed which the tv version blocked off. Similarly the lighbeams on Iori’s butt and crotch when she walks outside without underwear are also removed.

Episode 4

The vibrator in Yuu’s hand is no longer mosaiced. When Konomi is knocked down by the dog and has the leash wrap around her the dog’s tail is moved to a different location so as to not block out her crotch like in the tv version. When Konomi is on the toilet the scene fully pans down and when she runs out of the bathroom withou her underwear on the lightbeams are removed from her butt.

Episode 5

The dark shadows that cover Hanabi’s butt when Iori pulls her underwear off are removed. The scene in which Iori accidentally rubs her leg between Hanabi’s legs has also had the shadows removed. When Yuu finds them hiding the lightbeam blocking Hanabi’s butt is removed and when Yuu shows them her vibrator the mosaic on it is removed as well.

Episode 6

The water droplets that covered Sonoa’s chest are removed allowing you to see her nipples through her clothes when Yuu takes off her bra.

Episode 7

When Konomi jumps down there is movement added to it making her dress flap up to see her chest (something different from the manga) and the stars censoring her panties are removed as well. A minor change also is when she is covered in water her dress is slightly more transparent than in the tv version.

Episode 8

During the scene in which Iori has gotten Hanabi into her room there is something added to the pan of the scene. In the tv version it just pans down Hanabi’s body before Yoriko interrupts but in the BD version we get a small scene showing Iori starting to move her finger between Hanabi’s crotch. Later when Konomi falls onto Hanabi the position of Hanabi’s head is moved so that we get a full view of between Konomi’s legs when she isn’t wearing anything.

Episode 9

During the start of the episode while Hanabi is in bed her shirt is redrawn to be open showing her breast. Iori when exposing herself to Hanabi has her bra redrawn to be lower than the tv version and thus giving a full view of her breast as well. Later when Hanabi crashes into Sonoa the buttons are removed that covered her breasts when her shirt got ripped open (not even the manga gave us a full view of her chest like we get here). Also movement is added to the scene when Hanabi is fondling Sonoa on the floor which in the tv version just had her laying on top of her.

Episode 10

The light during the scene in which Konomi has to remove her panties is removed as she was the only one who was censored in the tv version during this part. When the ping pong ball goes between Sonoa’s legs and Iori runs to hit it the light that was here blocking between Sonoa’s legs is removed. When Hanabi goes into the hotsprings the scene is redrawn to completly remove her towel she was holding to give us full nudity of her. The scene in which she sees the others in the hotspring also has it’s steam removed giving us nudity of everyone there. Finally steam from the pans of Iori and Konomi as well as when Konomi is sitting down near the end are removed.

Episode 12

Light removed from Iori’s butt when Hanabi remembers the first time they met.



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So there you have it the show actually delivered what it said it would do back when it was airing. Back in the first episode I mentioned how the twitter account retweeted an article about censorship being removed on BD and sure enough it not only was removed but even went so far as to add more nudity than in the manga. This is actually a really amazing BD if you are familiar with the manga and watched the show to really see the extent of what they did here. Not only did we get anime original nudity added in changing partial nipples in the manga to actual nudity but even characters that didn’t even have that so far in the manga got naked here.

This is how BD releases should be. The censorship wasn’t a troll and really was removed like promised. Then when it was removed we see that there is indeed something underneath as opposed to other shows that either don’t remove it at all or do and show there was nothing worth censoring in the first place. On top of which the BD added nudity that wasn’t there in the manga and not just in number of nude scenes but even the character’s involved. They gave a reason for manga readers to want to watch the anime by adding content not seen in the manga and that is just what an anime adaption should strive to do. It would be nice if others learned from this and followed in Lie Angle’s lead. Just imagine if other shows would had changed their source material from partial or non nude to full nude or series that have denied certain characters any service proceed to have the anime do what the manga doesn’t and give nudity of them.

The only thing missing that could had made this better would had been a bonus episode included that unfortunately didn’t happen. Considering what they did with this BD release an exclusive episode for BD only would had been really nice to see what they would do with that. Maybe we will get lucky and an ova will get made to include with a manga volume in the future or even a season 2. After seeing what this show delivered on BD though it does make it sad that this was just a short instead of a full length show after knowing how far they were willing to go with this. I found this to be the best ecchi of spring (I’m not a fan of dxd so that wasn’t in the running for me) but I would imagine for most people it probably was dxd but if Lie Angle had been a full length show it probably could had taken that spot away from dxd based on what we got in the BD. The total runtime for all the episodes is 42 minutes which is just under two full length episodes and yet in that time we saw quite a bit of service. Now imagine if we had gotten 12 standard 24 minute length episodes for this and what we could have gotten in that case.

Hopefully Lie Angle helps push a trend with these short form anime in which they aren’t afraid to go all out on BD. The studio Creators in Pack had did nudity before in┬áNetsuzou TRap (though the episodes were longer than lie angle’s) and I think that may had been the first time they did nudity last year. Based on that we can hope this might mean nudity might be the direction the studio is starting to head for some of their future shows so it probably will be worth keeping an eye on them from now on to see what they do next if said shows seem like the servicy type.

Would really like to see this get a second season especially since we now know what to expect on BD after this even if it ends up being another short. If by chance we don’t I would settle for an ova as well since an unrestrained ova would certainly be something to see. Overall though this show did prove that it is possible to make an entertaining and service filled short which we have started to see a lot of in recent times. It’s kind of strange to think about since a lot of people tend to disregard shorts but over the past year or so it has been the shorts delivering a lot of service. Last year we saw a start of a new trend of r18 shorts filled with nudity and sex with this summer season finally giving one aimed at a male audience. Then on the regular anime side we have had this year so far 7virtues and Lie angle both of which despite being shorts still gave a noticeable amount of nudity in them. Not everyone likes shorts and honestly I do wish shorts were 10 minutes instead of 3-4 but at least despite their length they still manage to provide some nice content like this.

I really wish we had gotten a full nude view of Yoriko since she was the one I wanted to see fully naked the most. Sure we saw her topless but she was halfway submerged in water and not shown in a full body pose. The hotspring part should had been extended on BD to provide a nude pan of each of the girls instead of just Iori and Konomi. Hopefully a season 2 or ova gets made one day and they go all out and make sure they give us full body nude shots of each character instead of having some of them submerged in water.