Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Fanservice Review Episode 02

The service in the early chapters isn’t quite what it becomes later on, but it seems Xebec is up to the task and compensates nicely.


Today’s episode adapts chapters two and three.


Blank boobs alert!  This shot does not appear in the manga and is likely going to result in some anime original nipple sightings on BD.




This image is taken straight from the manga.  Interestingly, the manga version is censored as well, but I think that’s just because the manga was a little indecisive in the early going.  It will probably be uncensored on BD.


In the anime version there’s an awkward crop-zoom (the image directly above this text) that clearly seems to suggest some anime original nudity is being censored for TV.

Side note:  This series is really into face-sitting.



Next episode teaser

Same concept, different girl.  Will these end cards be uncensored on BD?  Maybe.



webm album


Nipple sightings in relevant source material chapters:


Amazingly, there was no nudity in the source material for this episode.  Thankfully by the looks of things Xebec is taking liberties with added nude scenes.


Overall Thoughts:


Nice, another watchable episode.

First we learn that the other girls can see Yuuna too, and then we learn that really everyone at the Hot Springs has some kind of supernatural secret.

The antagonistic exorcist from the previous episode returns, this time with an army of his fellow monks.  The girls each take turns showing off their supernatural sides while repelling the lecherous bad guys.  It serves as some fun little exposition for our characters.  This all comes from chapter two in the manga.

The second half of the episode adapts chapter three, where Kogarashi gets in trouble for petting a cat that turns out to be a naked Yaya.  Outraged, Yaya and Sagiri conspire to get Kogarashi evicted.  Things are settled by a ping pong match, which Kogarashi wins thanks to Yuuna’s telekinesis.  This ability is powered by all her memories of the ecchi stuff that’s happened to her so far.

Service-wise, there’s no nudity in the original chapters but the editing style of the anime version suggests in at least two different places that some anime original nudity should be forthcoming (possibly more, depending on the eyecatch and end card).  There’s also some pretty damn impressive ass and panty shots.  The lack of lightbeams is interesting, it seems they are going for more of a Maken-Ki Two or Monster Musume style of censorship.

The animation continues to improve.  Visually this episode was the best yet, being as good or better than Ladies vs. Butlers for art and animation quality.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen art this good in a hardcore ecchi show.  Impressive.