Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu fanservice review episode 3


More questing.


This episode had very little service in it unfortunately. Most of it was just a few images with the occasional breast shaking/bounce. Seems like this episode was more focused on introducing new characters and setting up a plot.


A new quest is given asking for Diablo specifically to take it. They get suspicious thinking it might be another trap only to be told be Sylvie that she got the request from Celes personally and not to worry about it this time. They have no idea why she would give a quest that was so easy and with a high reward but figure it is to make up for the stuff they have had to deal with because of the guy from the mage association causing them trouble before. Rem says she doesn’t want to go since she doesn’t want to do something for Celes and so Diablo and Shera agree to go alone.

Subtle panty shot.

As they are leaving to do the quest they get stopped by the strongest person in the guild named Emile. Diablo learns that word about him has been spreading in town and Emile thinks Diablo has enslaved Rem and Shera and plans on rescuing them. Diablo gets excited thinking he finally has a real opponent if he is so strong only to still manage to beat him easily despite his high level. Strangely this scene in the manga took place when they first entered the guild in the previous episode but they decided to move it’s order to here instead.

Missed opportunity for Diablo to make a online white knight joke.

Diablo starts to wonder if everyone in the world has low skill along with their levels since someone at that level still should had been tougher. Emile stands up and they continue to fight till Rem and Shera are able to stop them and explain what is going on to Emile and how Diablo hasn’t enslaved them. After knowing the truth Emile apologizes and leaves as Diablo and Shera head off to do their quest.

On the way Shera gets bored and wants to swim till Diablo stops her since he knows he would never be able to handle that. He then talks about strong monsters as Shera tells him how she wants to grow stronger too so that she doesn’t have to rely on him and Rem all the time.

As they approch the fort the guards at first think Diablo is a fallen till they see his demon horns and figure he is the person with the collared women they have heard about. The guards tell him that they have been paranoid since an army of a hundred fallen are headed towards the fort. Diablo remembers that in the game that the Fallen are considered boss enemies so an army of them would be massively strong.

This scene has her body slightly less bright in the atx version but you still can’t see much. No idea if maybe this is censorship for BDs or just the way it is meant to be. But we have now had this and the previous episode contain parts that had bright lights during parts even in the atx version so we can only speculate at this point.

Diablo knows that the people defending the fort won’t be strong enough to hold off the army but the barrier around the town should be enough to keep it safe. Shera mentions that the Fallen have been around recently trying to revive the demon lord. Diablo then realizes that they might be heading after Rem so they can kill her and they need to head back to town quick. When Diablo finds out that the guards are still going to stay and try to fight he decides he will too to help out before heading back.

While in town Rem gets visited by Celes asking to talk with her. Meanwhile Diablo tells everyone else to stay away as he fights the army himself.

Celes tells Rem that she has removed Galluk from the mages after everything he has done to them. She also asks Rem about Diablo being a demon lord which Galluk told her about. Celes tells her she doesn’t believe he is and that he might be a Fallen in hiding waiting to kill her in order to set their demon lord free which Rem denies is possible since he never tried to kill her even when he had the chance.

Galluk arrives and yells at Celes to let him back into the Mages. When she refuses he tries to kill himself using a special dagger they haven’t seen before. Rem tries to stop him but he stabs himself resulting in the dagger possessing him and a Fallen comes out of the dagger and takes over his body as it gets ready to attack Rem.

I just know I’m going to misread that name as edgelord multiple times.

After killing thirty of the monsters the leader finally starts to approach Diablo. She announces that the others are too scared to come near him so she finally decided to enter the fight. Diablo knows that if he beats her than all the others will probably run as well and they get ready to fight as the episode ends.



WebM Album.



Since this episode seemed to be more of an episode focused on setting up the overall plot for the rest of the show the service ended up taking a backseat. I guess they needed to establish some kind of overall confrontation rather than just having the characters go on random quests trying to find a solution to the demon lord issue. So they settled for having people trying to kill Rem to set the demon lord free so they can have some main problem to deal with. The speed of the episodes has at least slowed down by not covering an entire volume from the manga in one episode like previously. This episode covered the small amount of volume 2 that was left plus the scene with Emile which was skipped in the previous episode from volume 2 and then covered some of volume 3.  Next week I’m guessing will cover a large amount of volume 3 but probably not all of it since a lot happens. We still are in volume 1 of the LN though and I would guess next week will at least finish that first one off.

This episode did have another suspicious bright light moment and even though there is nothing indicating anything will be changed it at least provides the opportunity for them to add nudity to that scene on BD maybe. More importantly let’s hope this episode is the lowest point we get in terms of service for episodes since if we get the weakest service episode out of the way early on then we can only go up. At the very least next week presumably will reach a scene which will give us more service than we had this week. Assuming the show does intend on covering all of where the manga is up to then this episode shouldn’t be too much to worry about since there will be some really nice stuff much later on when we reach it.

Won’t happen but would love it if they got the catgirl maid innkeeper naked in the show for no real reason at some point. She kind of reminds me of Pinay from demon gaze. You know that game was bullshit that it didn’t give you different character routes instead of forcing the main girl on you. Normally you would think why would they put something like that but the thing is they give you those side quest collectibles for both Pinay and Prometh to improve your relationship with them and both of those felt like more work than the reward was worth it (unless you cheated like me and just looked up the location on gamefaqs). Completing those quests should had allowed you to unlock an ending with either of those two instead. Also would have to alter that one scene near the end of the game with Fran to be replace with those two instead. Speaking of hidden collectibles no one sees my hidden video game rant. Unless you did in which case you must have found a hidden fapservice walkthrough on gamefaqs telling you about it.