Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san Episode 3 Fanservice Review

The Golden Milf continues her domination and inappropriate touching of youngsters….

Last week ended with…



Let’s see where this week goes shall we?


Thankfully Aki is immune to the charms of the Altar-Milf, he simply wouldn’t know where to put his hands

but hey… she knows how to take the initiative so that nets her some brownie points.

smooth as the bottom of a Porsche..


Thankfully, Best woman shows up with cookies to reclaim her property from Miss Flat.

Aki’s shota power of attraction proves to be too strong however, as now a third challenger comes for his pants.

She has her own appeal I guess, when it comes down to it.

Anyone know how to turn the contrast up?


Donning a disguise and prepared to take what’s his, Aki tries to sexual heal the blue-haired loli lover.




……ultimately it leads to nothing but a light show..


What follows perversion-wise is the Pink-haired girl’s cosplay dungeon – and Aki being forced to get in cute outfits… I’ll spare you the confusion of seeing that shit. Although, Pink-haired girl is a very nice QT in her own right just like Blue-haired quiet QT. She has a very regal room and loves sowing, and who doesn’t love a girl who knows how to sow?

end card.


Overall an episode with dangerously low levels of Thicc Milf interaction…. didn’t really care. She’s obviously the draw, she’s got the tits, and she needs the screen time to keep me on point…

for those of you out there with access to the SadPanda, here’s a couple more of my favorite /ss/ doujins to help celebrate Sunohara with…  you know, if /ss/ is actually your thing.



Until next time.


beautiful fucking tits man…