Joshiochi! 2-kai kara Onna no Ko ga Kudattekita fanservice review episode 3


Doing lewd things under the covers to avoid getting caught.


We go back to having a sex scene in this episode with the r18 version being around a minute and 13 seconds longer than the standard version. There is something worrying though animation wise that happens in this episode at one point which I will bring up when we get there.


It’s the next night after what happened in the previous episode and Sosuke is thinking about yesterday and what he did to Yuki when she was sleeping worried that he possibly ruined his relationship with her. As he is laying there Sunao jumps down into the room from the hole above. She came to visit him because she wants sex after thinking about the last time. Worried about what might happen especially with Yuki right next to them he hesitates but eventually gives in and accepts. If watching the standard version you get this image like the previous episodes…

Watching the r18 version though you get the following.

This part is where something concerning occurred. This scene is a static pan which at first I thought nothing of it thinking it was just him getting into position to put it in but that isn’t the case. Sex is supposed to be occurring here as you can hear the movement noises during this scene. So why is this a static image? Especially since the part after does have movement. Really hoping this isn’t a budget issue that will occur in other episodes as well.

In order to avoid getting caught they have sex under the blankets next to Yuki and succeed in finishing without waking her up. At this point is when both versions of the show join up and continue on.

Sunao gets dressed to leave and asks if she can come back again and Sosuke agrees as she happily leaves having avoided getting caught.

The next morning Yuki wakes up and sees Sosuke while asleep had groped onto her because she rolled into him again while she was sleeping and blames him for it. Afterwards as she is making breakfast she asks Sosuke about him and Sunao because of when she caught them the other day and asks if they are dating. He tells her they aren’t and she goes back to making food while thinking about it. Sosuke wonders why she is asking something like that and starts to think that maybe she has forgiven him for the other day and he can try to make thing normal again with her. As she is putting the beds away though she finds Sunao’s underwear that she forgot when she left last night. Yuki asks Sosuke how it got there and who they belong to as he panics.

As Sosuke tries to think up an excuse they hear a knock at the door and realize it is Sunao. This results in Yuki tripping after being startled by the noise and Sosuke falling on her and causing her shirt to break open since he has high level ecchi main character powers. When Sunao doesn’t get an answer she says outloud that she will go back into her room and enter through the hole so she can check on things and leaves to head to the hole in the floor. This leaves both Sosuke and Yuki panicking as they try to figure out what to do before she gets in there and gets the wrong idea about what was happening as the episode ends.



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The sex in this episode got more of a focus than what we got in the first episode so that was nice but it is a shame that due to the short runtime of the show scenes like that are limited in their length. The main thing that I am worried about is what I pointed out when it happened and that was the static image part in which movement was clearly being heard but not seen. In any other show this would simply be censorship that would be removed on BD and in fact the previous r18 shows used this same method for their atx versions which were still toned down compared to their r18 equivalent. However censorship should not apply here since this is the full uncut r18 version and the fact that movement occurred seconds later in the next scenes leaves another worrying possibility.

There are a few things I could think of that might had resulted in this issue. Ideally we can hope this was just a time constraint thing and they were not able to finish animating the whole episode in time and hopefully this was just a one time occurrence that will be fixed on BD. That would be the best case scenario but there are other worse ones as well. They might have a small budget resulting in this half animated and half not animated scenes which would be worrying as that might mean we will see the same thing for future episodes. Another possibility is that they are purposely doing it in order to get more BD sales which would also be annoying as that scenario will probably occur in other episodes as well if that is the case. As it stands though this is the first time it has happened so far so there is no need to worry just yet as we can hope this was just a one time thing regardless of the reason it happened. Will have to keep a close eye on future sex scenes to see if the same issue happens.

Despite that issue the show is still more enjoyable than the other r18 ones as it doesn’t seem to be taking itself seriously which is a good thing and has gotten to the sex parts faster than the others did. Plus the girls in this look better than the ones we had in the other shows as well. Though I do wish the unfitting music thing would stop. I said it in the first episode and it happens here too but the music during the sex parts is the most bizarre choice in music for a sex scene in a show. Besides that the only real complaint I have is that most of the show’s service so far has been in a dark room. Seriously all three episodes have resulted in the r18 content happening in a room with either the lights off or being nighttime. It makes it a pain to see anything and I really hope we start eventually getting this stuff occurring in a brighter environment. Though based on the next chapter that doesn’t seem like that will be the case. These scenes aren’t as dark in the manga but the show darkens them more so I’m expecting the same for the next episode.

Also in case you are wondering I didn’t include any subbed screens because there are no fully legit subs out yet. The one that is currently out might as well be troll subs for most of the episode and considered the equivalent of a rewrite. Fortunately subdesu picked the show up and their subs should be out in a few days but I couldn’t wait that long since I want to get this post done by wednesdays at the latest since the next three days are used for other show posts.

If the main guy had built a fort in his room with the blanket instead he wouldn’t have had this problem. Make her think you are insane and so she would never check it and would stay clear of it. Thus it would be the perfect place to do things in secret without getting caught. And considering the noises women in japanese porn make she might actually think you got demons in that fort and will be extra careful to stay away.