Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu fanservice review episode 5


A new party member.


This episode was another fairly low on service episode so there isn’t a whole lot other than more of Shera’s costume at the beginning from the previous episode and some breast bounces here and there. Though on the plus side the preview for the next episode indicates we will be reaching a scene next episode that should make up for this one’s low amount.


Continuing where it left off previously the others are told that the elf kingdom is threatening to go to war if Shera is not returned and that the lord of the city has asked them to do what is needed to prevent the war. Sylvie also tells them that the prince has put out a huge bounty for Shera as well in order to entice adventurers to capture her and this means even going outside will be unsafe. Diablo becomes angry at this and decides they have no choice but to do something in order to keep Shera safe and first recommends going to see the lord to gather more information.

Sylvie tells them that the lord became a well known hero after he fought on the frontlines in a war against the demon lord 30 years ago when it was still around and managed to kill a bunch of Fallen by himself. She says his current level is unknown since he has either never been evaluated or it was too long ago for anyone to remember and for everyone to be careful when talking to him since people find him scary. When they arrive at his mansion they tell him they have accepted his quest and wanted to find out more. He introduces himself as Chester while diablo panics over not knowing how to say anything that would result in not starting a fight but manages to get over his nervousness to say something.

Chester tells them that the elves only have around 100 soldiers and they wouldn’t even consider that a threat but since they are skilled at ambushes by hiding in trees in the forest they would lose a large amount of men if they sent them there despite the elves small numbers. Apparently no one has stopped to remember that the elves are the ones threatening war so what exactly are they going to do if their only threat is hiding in trees? Declare war then hide in the forest hoping the people you declared war on decide to just walk into your trap? How do they know the city won’t just say “fuck that shit let them come to us instead” and do nothing as the elves are left just sitting in the forest waiting forever since elves I guess don’t understand how war works. Regardless Chester says if Shera isn’t handed over the alternative is to have Diablo take care of it. He asks Shera why she left in the first place and she says she wanted to be free from her royal bloodline to see what she could do on her own without that advantage. Chester doesn’t sympathize with it but says at least he has his answer. Diablo then tells him he will be going there to settle things himself and to not get the city’s troops involved.

Rub the cat belly.

Chester tells them that someone was also sent by the king to help deal with the situation. They meet Alicia whom is an imperial knight sent to help out. She talks with the others and Diablo realizes that she is much better at talking to people than he is. She then vows to help them and joins them. A shame they skipped this part when the others think about her as it would had given something here..

Diablo decides he wants to go to the weapon shop first before heading for the forest. The others tell him that the weapons would be weaker than what he already has but he knows that and is why he wants one. Since they have an imperial knight with them he figures it would be better to not kill anyone so he needs a weaker weapon to ensure he doesn’t kill someone by mistake.

As Shera runs off on her own while they are shopping they get attacked by people after the bounty on her. Diablo sees that his weapon is weak enough that he doesn’t have to worry about killing anyone and so he chases after them while the others fight the rest.

As Diablo is about to catch up with the ones that took Shera they get stopped by Emile first as Shera lands on Diablo.

Only if they had knocked the glasses girl’s glasses off.

Emile tells them he heard about the bounty and came to find Shera to help her and that is how he was in the area. The others thank him as he leaves and takes the people they captured with him.

Super glue the glasses to your face so they can’t ever fall off.

Shera thanks Diablo for saving her as he tells her to stay close to him so it doesn’t happen again. Alicia apologizes for being useless and not preventing Shera from getting taken. Diablo tells her he doesn’t need her help so she shouldn’t be sorry for being no help. He tells her if she wants to come with them she can but to not be hard on herself when she isn’t of use when her help isn’t requested in the first place. She agrees to this and after showing signs of being hungry they all decide to go eat something before heading to the forest and the episode ends.



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Little service in the episode this time other then some breast bounce and a panty shot. There were a few quick instances in the manga version which unfortunately didn’t happen here (such as the tentacle scene the others imagine about Alicia) even if they would had just been some static images. On the plus side based on the preview for next week we should have a major service scene that happens with Shera as well as another character from the OP appearing. Will be interesting to see how they have the scene that is up next play out in the anime. Certainly will be censored on the non atx version so keep that in mind. Hopefully it delivers some nice things to make up for this week.

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