Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Fanservice Review Episode 04

Sagiri and Yaya are the focus this week.

This week covers chapters 8 and 9 in a straightforward manner.  No anime original content this week as far as I can tell.



Next episode teaser


Next episode title: Yuuna’s Body Measurements and Nonko’s Crunch Time (chapters 10 and 11).  It seems the girls featured in the end card are the subject of the next episode.


Nipple sightings in relevant source material chapters:


There doesn’t seem to be any anime original nude scenes this week.


Overall Thoughts:


This week produced less fanservice than previous weeks had, but was still pretty good.  You can expect 3-4 nude scenes on BD, and the story/anime aspect continues to be highly watchable.

Somewhere between the chapters covered last week and this week there was a tankobon exclusive chapter where Yuuna heads to a waterpark and experiences wardrobe malfunctions.  It’s a similar bonus chapter structure to what the To Love-Ru tankobons had, and those bonus chapters were animated later in OVAs.  My guess is that we’ll see something similar happen here as well.

What’s a bit striking about this production is that despite the existence of over 100 manga chapters, the show is seemingly intent on covering them in order without skipping any of the (non-bonus) chapters.  Triage X jumped around pretty aggressively to get as much fanservice chapters done as possible because it correctly figured the series would only see one TV season.

Here though the producers of Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san are going through with the hope that maybe they could cover several seasons worth of chapters.  Nothing is being passed over and wasted.  Maybe that is a tad optimistic, but it’s definitely nice to see an ecchi anime production with that kind of confidence in today’s anime climate.