Isekai Onsen Paradise Episode 1-4 Fanservice Review

A lil bit of onsen nudity.

This was one of the other ecchi anime airing in the 2024 spring season but was constantly not uploaded or didn’t get translated. Finally, with all HD episodes uploaded, fanservice reviews can commence. In all honesty, this anime is not well drawn nor is it of a high quality in the first place, nonetheless it’s still nudity and nipples something that we don’t get frequently in anime nowadays so it is worth covering. Based on a light novel and then converted to a manga and this anime, with 2 minutes per episode it’s short form so doing 4 episodes per review seemed enough to get all the content. Yukawa fell while trying to look for an onsen to revitalize a local area and was reincarnated into this world. His love of onsen entices all the girls to join him.

Episode 1:

Mayodama is this inari attendant princess who is a messenger for the inari god of the world and is there to help Yukawa.

After much convincing, he is able to get her into the onsen in this form.

The onsen is too hot in that form so she changes to her human form.

The nipples and titties in this anime are drawn all over the place, really strangely at times and super inconsistent.

Episode 2:

Yukawa looking for the hidden hot springs.

Mayudama telling her role and her name.

Elf of the forest attacking them. Her name is Lilim and side note she is voiced by popular VTuber “Mikeneko” as her debut VA role.


The spell was blocked and Lilim was told to take her clothes off.

Episode 3:

Yukawa falling on the way to the hot springs.

They show multiple special onsen waters throughout the show this one is humic acid dissolving nutrients and minerals.

Lilim got in because she was told she would be executed otherwise.

Episode 4:

One of the dumbest faces I’ve ever seen in anime.

Lilim’s older sister is introduced and the same trope happens.

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Overall, pretty decent couple of episodes, you can see the obvious low-quality animation from time to time, and even the illustrations aren’t great but I wasn’t expecting much, and as long as there’s a good amount of nudity that’s all that I was hoping for. Probably the weakest out of the ecchi anime this season and most people have forgotten it due to its upload schedule and lack of English subs for the uncensored version. The story isn’t very deep but I enjoy how short it is. It’s quick and easy to watch and has an abundance of nudity so looking forward to the next 4.