Isekai Onsen Paradise Episode 5-8 Fanservice Review

Oneesan joins the onsen.

We continue the next 4 episodes of Isekai Onsen Paradise, with the new character, Lilliums Oneesan joining the onsen gang. She has bigger tits than the rest of the cast and is the only character that is drawn well throughout the 4 episodes which is strange but probably because it’s easier to draw ginormous tits than smaller and medium ones. These 4 episodes go more into Yukawa’s mindset towards creating this onsen paradise and further on how he died. It also shows him getting reincarnated in this new world and convincing the two elves to join the dream.

Episode 5:

First girl that made Yukawa blush.

They think Mayudama is one of their gods so Oneesan apologizes and then says she will shoot Lliium for her incompetence.

Episode 6:


Talking about building the Onsen paradise and how in his original world he was adept at selling. 

The nipple sizes are all over the place in this anime, nearly every single frame they’re different.

Episode 7:

They are all having fantasies of their Isekai paradise with Yukawa.

Knocked out from the titties.

Episode 8:

How he finally ended up dying in his original world.

Mayudama saving Yukawa.

I do like how they stay naked in this scene, usually they cover them up in anime with similar scenes.

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Overall, another decent 4 episodes. While the art is still not great and the story is nonexistent, getting to see all the girls naked for basically all 4 episodes was great to watch, and since they’re so short, it’s pretty easy to just binge all 4 episodes. The introduction of the Oneesan character was good and they drew her more consistently than the other characters but for some reason for all the characters they just can’t keep the nipples consistent and they change constantly throughout the show. The last 4 episodes move quickly and the introduction of the final 2 characters also happens fast but then again, the season is basically 1 full-length episode of a normal anime so I did not expect much other than the nudity that was given.

Credit to Panda Empire (carnagepanda) on Discord for letting us use some of the stitches he created.