Mato Seihei no Slave Episodes 5, 6, 7 Fanservice Review


A trio review for the return. Episode’s 5 and 6 were mostly combat focused, with 7 finally transitioning back into some dorm shenanigans. There will be a noticeable lack of webm’s in this review, as most of the attention went to the combat which I mostly try to gloss over if it’s excessive. Unfortunately, this means that we get a lack of good webm worthy (at least in my estimation) ecchi moments, with most of said moments being relegated to very basic movement if not outright static shots, with only occasional bounce.


Episode 05:

Himari asks if Yachiho did any special training in preparation for their battle, and learns that she didn’t. Shushu thinks that Yachiho isn’t taking Himari seriously. And fortunately, this conversation was held as the girls were dressing. 


Yachiho loses her fight with Himari, and gets a bit of a scolding from Tenka for. Yachiho for her part understands that she lost because she underestimated her sister (and Yuuki), but takes the loss pretty well and now regards Himari with more respect.


The reward kicks in and the above is how it goes down. Not long into the series and Himari has already warmed up to Yuuki – being as instrumental to her victory as he was influenced this sudden change of heart significantly, to the point that Himari all but admits that only with his help was she able to beat Yachiho.



Episode 06:

Episode 6 begins with Shushu realizing what the Slave reward is, and getting a bit jealous of the other girls who are getting them.


Shushu and Sahara fight next. I know some people like the “women fight and wrestle” thing, and if you do this episode is for you.  Other than some minor bouncing I didn’t think there was enough for me to make a webm for. Again, this is will be corrected in later episodes when there are not large segments of combat.


Shushu loses and walks away in tears. Yuuki goes after her, probably anticipating her feeling down and tries to comfort her.


An anime original shot.


Shushu is still upset about the loss, and the fact Yuuki saw it happen. She does brighten up a bit as Yuuki talks with her, even getting bold enough to come out of her room and kiss him, even if it was just to cover up her embarrassment.


Shortly after the match between Shushu and Sahara, Nei detects that a group of Shuuki was watching them the whole time. A battle between the Corps and the Shuuki, and the above was the announcer/commentator for the matches. Her Shokugeki no Soma-esque clothes tearing was in response to seeing Kyouka battle. As you can see, she’s quite the fan. It really doesn’t make much sense to leave announcer girl blank. My best guess is that maybe they didn’t want her overshadowing the main girls. Anyway, 



Episode 07:


Things spice up here in 7, which is why you’ll see a lot more here than in the previous two episodes.

The good guys win and we get a glimpse of Tenka in action in the process. Strange addition here, here the 6th Unit visits the 7th Unit’s dorm to discuss what just happened, whereas in the manga they talk things out outside and leave shortly after.


The camera panned up before Himari’s bra could drop in frame. It would have made for a good stitch. Also, if it weren’t obvious, the reward begins. And because Yuuki was used by Kyouka and Himari, they both must reward him.


This will definitely go down as one of the most shameful parts of this adaptation. To my recollection this is the first time we see Kyouka nude in the manga, and was a widely anticipated moment. What’s interesting to me is that it would actually have been easier to draw her nude + nipples, because in the anime shot she’s got her arm to cover, when in the manga shot her right arm is completely out of frame. There had been talk as early as episode 4, particularly with the Yachiho shower scene, that this production was originally intended to be non-nude, with that decision being reversed late in the production (which may also account for some of the nipple shots not looking very good). I didn’t want to believe it at the time, but seeing this made me think that it’s at least plausible.


More arm covering. Most of what I said earlier about the Kyouka stitch applies here. That is, going out of your way to make a shot harder to draw makes little sense especially when we’d just seen both of them nude earlier. Also, Himari ought to get that giant tumor on her left leg check out. It’s really starting to creep me out.


Unit 7 decides to visit Unit 6’s dorm. Another oddity here is that in the manga, Kyouka and Tenka talk about things in private and dismiss Himari and Yuuki, who are told to get to know the other members better and walk around freely. This leads Yuuki to wander around and stumble into some lucky sukebe. Whereas here, Kyouka told Yuuki beforehand that he’s to assist in housekeeping duties while he’s visiting the 6th Unit’s dorm, which gives him an excuse to walk around and see some of the girls lingerie (something that doesn’t happen in the manga). My guess is that they were worried about how Yuuki would be perceived without having a reason to walk around, and that giving him this excuse would “soften the blow” and make him seem less perverted. I challenge you to come up with a better reason for this pointless change.


We get an ecchi classic: wrestling with a sleeping beauty.


Himari and the rest watch as Yachiho pumps some serious weight for her size. I know we’re supposed to be marveling at her nice body, but I just can’t help but notice that she squats the same weight as she benches – she should definitely be on that squat rack more. Also, her back squatting form looks pretty bad and she’s benching without a spotter.


Webm Album

Himari and Yachiho are already getting alone better, while it’s revealed that the Shuuki survived the encounter with the Anti-Demon Corps and are planning their next move. Tenka also expresses her desire for Yuuki, which shocks Kyouka. If it weren’t obvious enough, this will advance Yuuki and Kyouka’s relationship faster than it would have normally.

I intend to complete both Slave and Wedding Rings over the course of this season. Blue Archive is likely to have some episodes that don’t have much at all, (like this week’s episode) and when that happens, I’ll pivot back to one of them.