Isekai Onsen Paradise Episode 9-12 Fanservice Review

Final Four of Isekai madness.

Welcome back to the final four episodes of this short onsen anime. The next 4 episodes introduce the “king” and her servant as new characters and the completion of the Onsen paradise. The four episodes go extremely fast and basically, you don’t see anything that happens which is expected for such a short show but I don’t think we will be getting and second season anytime soon. There is nudity throughout which is good but definitely a lot less than the previous 8 which is disappointing but the new characters are good to see nonetheless.

Episode 9:

Komachi, who is Mayudama’s senior and a servant of the king appears as the king was also isekai’d to this world.

The death of Mayudama’s previous isekai companion was shown here and it was so brutal I laughed at how random it was.

Ruirui, the king of the world.

Revealed that the “king” is actually a woman and seems to not care about bathing with Yukawa.

Getting reminded that no one is a king or commoner in the onsen and all people are the same, also starting construction of the onsen paradise.

Episode 10:

As I said earlier, it is extremely fast and the onsen paradise is already built.

The king legitimately goes on a whole rant about needing his help and power to move people and fix the world they were sent to and make it a better place. But the MC says he doesn’t care about all that, he just likes Onsen’s and wants to create more onsens.

Episode 11:

Going into why Mayudama wants him to live a long life after her previous partner’s death.

I have no clue if this was a stylistic choice or if they generally got too lazy to draw more than just the outlines but it honestly looks good and better than some crappy illustrations. Good design choice if it was on purpose.

Once again, good choice for the last frame in just keeping the outlines.

Episode 12:

Official opening of the onsen paradise and many come as the king uses her power to bring people.

The onsen was named after Mayudama to give her a memory of him even when he’s gone.

Declaration to continue looking for onsens. Might be leaving it open for season 2 but I highly doubt it.

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This ends the 12-episode short form anime “Isekai Onsen Paradise”. While I can’t say it was a particularly memorable anime nor did it break any grounds, on average it gave a gratuitous amount of nudity in the short runtime it had which is good. The art was really bad at times but if you can look past that and just see it for what it is, short-form anime nudity, then you will enjoy binging this show. If these episodes were even 10 minutes long I don’t think I would be able to watch it because of how bad the story and art are, but since it is so short and I love Mayudama’s character at the start, it was easy to finish. Overall I hope you enjoyed the nudity in this anime and even though it was in a season full of ecchi big hitters and forgotten by most, I hope these reviews gave you a look at the uncensored version of the show.

Credit to Panda Empire (carnagepanda) on Discord for letting us use some of his stitches for the review.