Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari Episodes 6 & 7 Fanservice Review


These two episodes have quite a bit of plot and a decent amount of service. Most importantly, we’re introduced to a new character that is sure to satisfy a portion of viewers that have been waiting for a princess with a different kind of body.



Episode 06:

Nephrites gives Souta a pep talk. Considering how woefully unprepared he is for the battle ahead, that is probably needed. Souta thanks her and goes on about his day, leaving Nephrites disappointed (she wanted him to make a move on her).


The anime shot turns this manga panel horizontal.

Souta trains more, and while he is improving, it’s still not nearly enough to take on Granart. All the while, Hime is feeling jealous and self conscious about the fact that Souta will soon have to marry several other princesses, all of whom are very attractive.


Granart dispatches another challenger, who walks away lamenting his lot in life. He spots a nearby ring that promises him power, which transforms him into an Abyssal Knight when he puts it on.


Both Granart and Souta try to take on the Abyssal Knight, but both are repelled. Souta fails a bit more spectacularly, leading Granart to send him away. Souta refuses, especially when realizing Granart doesn’t think much of him and his lack of strength, and comes up with a plan to at least be useful. Souta’s plan goes well, and Granart strikes down the Abyssal Knight. Granart gains a measure of respect for Souta, but the true test, a one on one battle, is about to begin.


Souta wins thanks to a mysterious voice coming from the rings that tells him what Granart is going to do. Granart is stunned at finally having lost to a man, and seals their marriage right then and there. This earns Souta his third ring.


I didn’t mention it before, but just before Souta and Granart fought, Hime shouted out that she’d have sex with Souta if he won, in an attempt to inspire him. Souta comes to collect his bounty here, but just as he pounces on her, he falls asleep in her arms, too exhausted from the days events.


Satou’s lack of proper consummation with Hime has both Nephrites and Granart feeling frustrated. Both are waiting for their turn, and won’t get it because of his promise to take Hime first.


The wedding reception takes place the next day, where Granart officially announces her marriage. Hime, once again self conscious, appears to have a bit too much to drink and has to be carried out. In private, she confesses her vulnerabilities to Satou, who reassures her that he’s not going to get swept up by what’s happening to forget about her. Satou turns down Hime’s offer to sleep with her, but does fondle her a bit before getting interrupted by Granart, who admonishes the two for being slow. It’s also revealed that Granart slipped a tonic in Hime’s drink, which was what caused her to drop so easily. Granart pounces on Satou and implores him to take her, but is stopped by Hime and Nephrites. One more thing, Granart reveals here that she’s 18, considered a bit old by the standards of her people. In the manga Nephrites is shocked hearing this, with the revelation that she’s 54 years old.



Episode 07:


This one’s plot heavy. We do get some very nice shots towards the end though, and the new princess does not hesitate to get half naked along with the rest.

This is Saphir, princess of Maasa, the Water Kingdom. She was bold enough to disguise herself as a random woman, and offering him a bouquet, steals his lips and gives him her ring. Saphir reveals her personality quickly, mocking him for his carelessness and demonstrating her lack of interest in him or the three princesses he has in tow by saying she doubts she’ll be getting to know any of them very well.


Saphir is amazed upon witnessing the power of the rings, via Satou killing an octopus monster.


This is Sahpir’s sister, Saphira. Don’t get excited thinking you’ll be getting shimaidon, because she’s into Marse, the blonde prince that’s been hanging around for a while. Saphir married Satou because she wanted to save her from having to marry a man she didn’t love (Satou).


Satou is introduced to Saphir’s father, the King of Maasa. There is a suspicious woman at his side who has prophesied destruction, and is clearly opposed to Satou. Saphir is also contemptuous of her, rightfully suspecting that she’s an enemy, but can do nothing given that she is now her father’s most trusted advisor. The woman later orders the Satou’s death in private, seeking his rings. 


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Another instance of rotating a shot from the manga.

The above Saphir ass shot did not make it into the anime.

Really not much to say. Saphir continues to be aloof, and we the viewers get an eyeful of princesses in modern bathing suits despite living in a medieval era world.


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Saphira is upset with Marse, as he promised her he’d become the Ring King in order to marry her. Obviously, Satou became the Ring King instead, but Marse was unable to explain himself until Saphira already heard about what happened. Saphira is understandably upset, and the woman approaches Marse during a moment of weakness to bid him to kill the Ring King. This ends the episode.

The next episode has been given quite the setup, and the series has yet to show the fifth princess. There’s still a lot to look forward to, not to mention we have yet to see Saphir naked. Obviously, this will change with time.