Ishuzoku Reviewers fanservice review episode 1


The day monster girls made every other show inferior.


It’s not often we get a show like this. A show that manages to destroy everything else that the competition can’t even compare making all of them look inferior by comparison. The show not only is filled with nudity as the atx lock promised but it even has content you wouldn’t expect. Even more amusing is that the ED for this show manages to not only be the best ED of all time ever on an anime but the ED alone destroys the vast majority of all fanservice shows we have had for the past few years. That should tell you the level this show is on where simply the credits are better service wise than any show in it’s entirety we have seen for years. So let’s start.


It’s explained that a law was made in which it is legal for succubi to run brothels because of their blood since it is a part of their nature. However almost everyone in the world can trace their heritage back to succubi blood in some form and so as a result people use the succubi blood in them claim as an excuse to get by the law and run brothels of their own without issue despite not being actual succubi.

Stunk comes out of a brothel after having just used an elf one when his friend Zel yells at him for visiting someone so old since the elf is over 500 years old. Stunk then sees that Zel’s choice in women are old human women whom have much better mana according to Zel and obviously are younger to them since 60+ in elf years would be nothing to them. Also I’ll point out now so you don’t worry about it but I am not including anything of the old woman in this post because screw that. So even though she is uncensored and has nudity in this no one wants to see that shit. After this the OP begins and we get plenty of service in that as well.

 *grabs claim of blue*

Apparently the taiwain version of the show had this removed and showed vaginas. You can find this version online though it is hard subbed and sure enough it does indeed show them. Obviously something like that isn’t intended for japan because of their laws but it is strange they would do this so that another country could have the fully uncensored version. Tawain doesn’t have the same laws about vaginas that japan does but even still this wasn’t something you would expect to be done as this stuff is usually just left censored.

Though the amusing thing about this is that it does indeed show that artists even when they know it won’t be seen do still draw it. All the more reason to gain the powers of invisibility and then enter the home’s of artists to get all that official porn they have drawn and are keeping to themselves. Even now this still kind of looks fake but apparently it’s not as the station seems to have commented on it now proving it’s legitimacy. It’s strange that only this scene was the one uncensored or maybe they were just testing the waters who knows but apparently the station said they won’t be showing this uncensored version in taiwain now but just the normal atx one. In other words the vaginaless one. Kind of hard to tell what is going on because of conflicting statements and other stuff so just have to wait and see.

The OP gives us much better service than anything recently has already. Though that is nothing compared to the ED later on. So the show is already off to making itself better than everything else from the start.

Stunk and Zel are in the tavern arguing over what kind of person is better between elves and the old woman. Eventually Stunk asks their friends Kanchal and Brooz on their openion and asks them to write down their reviews between the elf girl and old woman so they can settle it. We get a bunch of service here shown between both of them but like I said I’m not including old floopy granny titties in this. After they all finish writing their reviews they all read them and Stunk sees that he was the only one that gave the elf girl a high score while everyone else rated the old woman higher for reasons like Zel said at being able to see her mana and such.

The next day when both of them are out in the forest they hear someone yelling and see an angel being attacked by a monster. They save him and as they are about to leave he stops them and asks if he could travel with them till his halo repairs on it’s own. He tells them he is Crim and he can’t use his powers or return to heaven till his halo that was damaged by that monster is repaired and asks if they will protect him till then due to how strong they are. Stunk and Zel both agree on the promise he agrees to take them to heaven when he manages to get the halo repaired. They tell him they travel the world seeking out different brothels and they want to see if heaven has one for them to fuck angel girls.

After hearing that stuff Crim decides to keep it a secret that he has both a dick and a vagina fearing they might do something to him. As they leave they tell him they are on their way to a brothel anyway and they will buy him a girl as well since he has never had one before as he tries to stop them from doing that.

Wish we had got something from her.

After they head to the catgirl brothel both Stunk and Zel select the girl they want while telling the receptionist to pick out someone for Crim since it is his first time as he gets taken in to get fucked by another catgirl. Afterwards he begins to realize what it is he just did as his decent into becoming like them begins.

Back at the tavern it is explained there is a bulletin board where adventures post various things for others to learn about. This is also a way to earn money as information that is considered extremely useful gets copies bought to be posted at other taverns. Meidri notices that Stunk and Zel had posted reviews of a brothel on there which have become popular. She gives them both a large bag of gold telling them their review was so popular a large amount of people bought copies of it. Realizing they can make money by reviewing brothels they both decide they will use that gold to review other places as well and post reviews for those places. They also invite Crim to come along with them who has now started working at the tavern as well as they all leave to find the next place.


Two weeks pass by with no sign of any of them until they finally return after having visited a bird brothel to post their reviews. Meidri goes to post it on the bulletin board while reading it. Unlike the manga which would just show the reviews as a page of text the anime adds a lot to it by having what each reviewer describes shown instead of just text.

That is an instant 0/10 trait. This is why I have to watch japanese porn muted otherwise I think I’m watching woman making squealing racecar noises while getting fucked.

Each reviewer describes what they experienced at the bird brothel they went to.

After reading the review Meidri gets mad that they went to a bird brothel as Stunk tries out what he learned about birds from going to it on her resulting in him getting knocked out by her. Zel uses this time to head off to see his old woman prostitute as Crim attends to the knocked out Stunk as the episode ends. However the best credits sequence ever in an anime is next and gives plenty of service as well.


We get to see various girls having sex during the ED making it the best ED ever and providing more service in the ED alone than any other shows which are too scared to even so much think about sexual content beyond simple nudity.


I’m just going to say here I hate hate hate when porn or hentai doesn’t show girl on top from the front. It’s one of my most hated occurrences in hentai. I want to see the breasts in full view so this always triggers me when bad camera angles occur. Shit I could go on long rants on my various issues with different bad choices in porn if I needed to. Fortunately they do it correctly with the best monoeye next.


Annoyingly making this a perfect loop wasn’t possible as the two mushroom girls don’t move in sync so even though I can have one of them loop perfectly the other does not at the same time so one of them will always be off sync. So in this case I figured people would rather have the one sucking dick looped correctly and so I focused the loop on her. Kind of wondering if the BD will change anything here as it is hard to see what they are doing but one is sucking a dick while the other is on the face.

Really hoping the girls in this part change with each episode.

After the ED we get a short segment with the girls talking with the old woman Mitsue about stuff.

Not anything particularly special here but chances are they will use these segments to do some interesting stuff later on maybe with the girls.



Webm Album.



Kind of funny how the studio doing this is Passione whom also did the bug island movie I did a post on yesterday and this is completely the reverse in terms of quality and content. I just got done complaining about bug island movie removing all the sex scenes from it and then the same studio puts this out the next day. Though this also makes the toned down content of bug island all the more bizarre if they are willing to make this. Ironic that they make something as piss poor as that and then follow up with probably the best service show we have seen in years with this.

The real highlight of this episode had to be the OP and ED which gave a huge amount of service and certainly the most ever in an ED. The ED in particular was the best part simply because of the sex parts which are so rare in anime. I am really really hoping that these change with each episode as that will make the ED all the more better and would be missed potential to not do so. This series has a huge amount of girls so they have more than enough girls to have that segment change each episode with a different group of girls getting fucked each episode. They included 7 this time so having 7 different girls each episode would make the ED alone God tier. They also gave nudity to characters that had not gotten nude in the manga so there is a lot of potential here if they use different girls each time.

The episode itself gave quite a bit of nudity as well but the ED blew it out of the water so well that it actually made the episode itself pale in comparison. Most of the nudity we got in this episode was primarily static images with a panning camera for the most part so when put against what we got in the credits it would of course get beaten in that regard. However we can hope future episodes start getting more brave with it’s content and hopefully starts giving something more than mainly static images when the characters describe their review experience. One major thing to point out is that there was also a decent amount of original content as well. The visuals during the reviews were all original content since in the manga itself you just read some text and that is all. Even the part with the scylla type girl was only a single image in the manga but they turned it into something more. So the fact that we are seeing all this extra visual content added in particularly when characters are talking about stuff leaves the door open for so many possibilities. Like I said most of the stuff this episode were static images when the characters talked about the girls but I would be surprised if they kept it like that and didn’t move onto movement scenes later on.

In regards to any censorship there are a few things still which might be removed on BD such as the ED sequence where the characters have their breasts covered. Was this a design choice or something they added so that there would also be a reason to get the BD? Guess we will find out then. Also though I doubt it will happen I wonder if the sex parts have some censorship already applied to them as well at times. There are some parts such as the one with the mushroom girls that seemed almost like they were too low to see anything. Also there is that obvious thing brought up in the OP but no way that is meant to be uncensored on BD for obvious reasons regarding japan and the fact that we did get to see it uncensored here was probably luck.

So far though this show has easily obliterated almost everything we have had in a long long time. We have main characters that are not your typical scared of sex leads, we have nudity and more importantly nudity that is not something tame like bathing or undressing scenes like other shows but something with an actual sexual context to it. And to top it off this is a 12 episode full length show and not a short or less episodes than average like others do. Shows like this sadly only happen once in a blue moon so all the more reason to enjoy this while it lasts. Would be nice if it jump starts a trend of studios finally making stuff on this level instead of the tame stuff we have been getting lately or toned down shows. What is even more great is that this is actually ranking pretty well on amazon preorders. It keeps fluctuating between 1st and 2nd place for highest preordered show of the season. It is also ranked 56th place as of writing on amazon japan according to the pripri chart and that counts for the entirety of amazon’s disc category which includes everything and not just anime. That is the best news since if this sells really well it will send a message that people want more stuff on this level and not the tame innocent nudity no sexuality stuff most other shows do. Next week’s episode looks to be the chapters with the fairy brothel, the election, and the cow/minotaur girls. Will be interesting to see what original stuff they add there and the nudity we will probably get that the manga didn’t give us. Now on to Overflow for later.

I really hope they do change the girls for that ED each episode and keep it at 7 each. That would be 84 sex scenes we get in total if they do that. They better give the glasses girl monster girls a chance at that if they do it. And they better not have it shown from the back I swear I will autisticly rage if they do that. Also I really wish I had learn some video editing programs before this aired that way I could had tried to trim those scenes to make it that you only saw the girl only. On that note maybe the fact that the same studio as bug island did this might give more hope on the sex scenes being restored on BD for that movie when it releases. Can only hope.