Overflow fanservice review episode 2


Sharing the bed with sisters.


This episode only has around a minute and a half extra time compared to last week’s 2 minutes. So I guess that means each week won’t be a consistent amount of extra content in the r18 version. This time the episode is focused on Ayane and overall feels like a drop compared to the greatness of the previous episode. The lack of an actual sex scene in this and just intercrural probably has something to do with this feeling like a downgrade.


 The all ages version has them in bikinis. Here is that version..

Kazushi is thinking about how he and Kotone were almost caught by Ayane as she started to enter the bathroom before turning around to leave again. Thinking about that and his time with Kotone leads to him getting hard again and he sees Kotone sleeping and decides he will try something with her.

After attempting some stuff he realizes she is awake and is pushing him away. He then pulls away her hood to see he messed up and it was really Ayane he was touching and not Kotone who is still asleep. He knows he can’t tell her the truth and how he thought she was Kotone otherwise she would know what happened in the bathroom. So instead he decides to just continue on with what he was doing.

 A shame Kotone isn’t secretly awake too and doing stuff to herself while watching them and pretending to be asleep like all those jav with the same setup as this do.

At this point is when the standard all ages version skips a bunch and replaces it with an image instead just like last week which is this…

I now wish this had been about them both being teachers and fucking their students instead. The r18 version gets the following scenes instead of that image..


Annoying that the breasts aren’t in sync with each other so a perfect loop is impossible. Instead you can have only one breast loop correctly while the other won’t. So I made two webms for both looping correctly while the opposite does not.

After doing some stuff with her she calls him by the name she used to when they were younger which causes him to not be able to hold back as he decides to put his dick between her thighs instead.

After finishing they see Kotone start to roll over and think she might be awake only to see she isn’t and they are still safe as the episode ends.



Webm Album.



This episode just felt lacking in something compared to the previous. The episode itself is 30 seconds shorter but I think the real issue is that not much really happened in this episode resulting in it feeling much shorter than the first besides just the shorter runtime. I don’t really care for Ayane and like Kotone more so that probably doesn’t help either. That is the flaw we have had with these shows and that is one girl is usually so much better than the other that you end up not caring about any episodes focused on the other girl instead of the one you like as a result. The fact that we don’t have sex happen in this episode while the previous one did also adds to the step down level this episode has as well.

Next episode should be better based on what happens next in the manga but there is a concern. The next episode pv image at the end of this episode shows Ayane in a school uniform and is titled “Two hearts approaching” while showing her picture. There are two possibilities here on what this could mean and one of them will probably piss a lot of people off myself included if this ends up being the case. Source wise the next scene that should be occurring is a scene outside the school involving Kotone in which Kazushi uses her phone as a vibrator on her and she gives him a titjob. If they follow the manga that should be the next episode however this next episode pv has me worried. The scene of Ayane in that uniform occurs at the end of that chapter and the title of this episode implies something between Kazushi and her. In other words I’m worried about the possibility that they may be planning on skipping Kotone’s scene (or hopefully rearranging it in worse case if they do that) so they can get to Ayane’s sex scene next episode instead which in the manga occurs following Kotone’s titjob.

Who knows maybe they are just faking us out with that pv image and title of the next episode and it is simply a reference to what occurs at the very end of the next episode leading into the one after that. Should that occur than nothing to worry about as we might still get the Kotone stuff next episode with Ayane’s stuff starting at the end of the episode instead. Then there is the bad scenario where they decide to remove those chapters altogether and just skip straight into when Kazushi meets Ayane back home alone and they have sex. If that occurs it could be possible that they just rearranged the order of events and we get the Kotone stuff in the episode following it. So next week we will either get Kotone’s titjob outside the school or if they skip that for some reason we will get Ayane’s sex scene (unless they decide to cut that into two episodes with the first being the setup and second the act which will really be annoying). Really hope it’s the case of the first scenario and they are just tricking us with the next episode image and they don’t actually skip Kotone stuff to focus on Ayane more. Hopefully the next episode improves so Overflow won’t fall too far behind Ishuzoku Reviewers in terms of being great. The past few days we started low with the Kyochuu Rettou movie then jumped to high with Ishuzoku Reviewers and then down to medium with Overflow. Not often we get consecutive days of new nudity in a row in varying degrees of greatness.

Three major posts in a row by me and all three had nudity. Not often I get to do so many posts one after another. Imagine if I had my hentai schedule done so I could post that next to make my streak even longer. All the titles for the month come out on the 31st though so still too early to do the post without all information available yet. At least I get to rest now until saturday for the next episode of monster girl show. Unless of course those BDs for mom isekai show up so I can finally do posts on those after all these months. I get the feeling the ova might come out before those get uploaded.