Choujin Koukousei TV Fanservice Review: Episode 11

And now, we have the doctor being the woman on top when it comes to fanservice from the Prodigies!! XD

Welcome back to another episode of fanservice review from the High school Prodigies  in the isekai world!! \(^^)/ Before anything else, credits to Ares02 for helping with the media. The fanservice of this anime continues with the doctor again!! In this episode, the story begins with Shinobu discovering the intention of Conrad to betray the Azure Brigade and rejoin the Freyjagard Empire, just as Tsukasa predicted of their betrayal. Upon her discovery, she was worried about Jeanne’s safety.

Elsewhere, an epidemic has spread among the commoners to which Keine attempts to cure despite having a Penicillin shortage.  Count Serentius of the Medical Guild demands Keine allows his Guild to sell opium to the sick, but Keine refused and insisted that she will cure all of them. With the help of Lyrule’s magic and Keine’s knowledge of chemistry, they turn the coal into sulfonamides, making enough to cure all of the patients.

Count Serentius wasn’t happy about the situation and attempt to poison the sulfonamide to ruin the Seven-Light faith reputation. However, Keine was there to stop them and performs a surgery on them to turn them into faithful helpers. XD (The ability of performing a surgery on the brain is pretty awesome but exaggerating, but I’m here to enjoy the fanservice)

Conrad’s Knight Raisenach and his men attempt to rape Jeanne before killing her, but is saved by Shinobu, who then kills the assassins, including Raisenach. Jeanne is devastated after learning her comrades have betrayed her mentor’s original goals of the Azure Brigade of improving the welfare of the people, but is assured by Shinobu that Seven-Light Faith will help achieve those goals.

Just as they were about to leave the place, Conrad returns with Tanganika who Shinobu recognizes as someone familiar whom they fought before together.

That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode and we hope that everyone enjoyed the fanservice of this anime too. So, please stay tuned for the last episode of fanservice review of this anime to know more about its ratings. (^_^) Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!! (^^)v

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