Natsu No Zenjitsu Manga Fanservice Compilation

Sex solves a lot of problems

Natsu No Zenjitsu (2008) is a seinen romance about a struggling artist searching for his muse. He finds such in the pussy of an older woman who enables his confidence, and the innocent charm of a female peer who inspires him to draw.

This is from the same author of Koi Kaze, Yoshida Motoi’s slightly problematic story of a twenty seven year old man sexually attracted to his fifteen year old sister. There is no controversy in Natsu No Zenjitsu of that magnitude, but there is a lot of tension between the lead characters and an age gap that causes some internal conflict.

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Akira is basically the perfect partner – sexy, straightforward, financially independent, aggressive in bed, and loyal even at the expense of her own selfhood. A cougar who knows exactly what she wants and pounces without hesitation. The artwork is phenomenal during moments of passion, making the sex scenes pop out of the page and feel realistic.

this is not only spank material, though. A legitimately good romance that shows the difficulties of maintaining a relationship founded upon fickle principles. Akira and Tetsuo are only connected through sex. In all other instances there is a wall between them. This causes fissures in their relationship once Tetsuo’s career ambitions conflict with his relationship, and he sets his sights on a younger girl who shares more in common with him.

It makes perfect sense narratively for the younger Hanami to never hook up with Tetsuo – she is intended to be the opposite of Akira. But is a bummer for the inner degenerate that wants to see everyone fuck. this is pretty much my only gripe, and it’s a pedantic one at that.

It is not often you come across a manga with convincing adult relationships that doesn’t shy away from sexual expression. A great read with serious staying power if completed, even if the ending tends to make readers upset.