Nekopara TV Episode 1 Fanservice Review

Neko Paradise

My experience with Nekopara is limited to the animated H scenes of the visual novel.  There was very little “reading” done during that time. After hearing that the anime would have no explicit content I figured there was no point to entertaining a milktoast adaptation.

Then I watched episode one and liked just about everything about it. A cute SOL of endearing cat girls living under the same household and working towards a common goal. Has potential.

Can I explain how a cat girl wagging her tail is sexy? no. but it is.

Chocola and Vanilla are nine months old in cat age. This is near the equivalent of a twelve year old human. Take that how you will.

Who wouldn’t want to be served by them. An inviting presentation that makes the reader/viewer feel at comfort is a central selling point of Nekopara. Also the fact that you can lewd them through a self insert male.

Chocola and Vanilla do cat related things in a bed together. A good start. The two are basically inseparable and compliment each other well. Chocola cheerful and clumsy, Vanilla stoic and insightful. Both lewd.

The male is usually faceless in the VN to work as a self insert for the reader. Don’t remember him talking at any point. Will take some time to get used to seeing him be so prominent.

Time for the catgirls to get to work. They take pride in what they do.

Cinnamon has the largest bust size of any of the catgirls. She is a masochistic pervert who is openly gay for Maple (blonde catgirl). I think she has the most potential for service in this show.

Coconut is more of a catwoman by her body type. An outlier compared to the rest of the cast despite being the third youngest at one year old.

Azuki is the oldest of the catgirls at three. She is very insecure about her body size and takes that out on the younger, more developed Coconut. The ensuing fight is amusing.


TBD on whether we’ll get any yuri scenes from the anime. Safe bet would be no, only teasing. Maple and Cinnamon do have a sex scene in volume three of the VN –

It is glorious. Back to a milder reality

Vanilla and Chocola are excited to hear that Tuna is on the menu tonight. Chocola goes shopping for more ingredients to prepare the dish.

On her way back she finds a lost catgirl who follows her home. This isn’t a character from the VN from what I know of. Anime original. I’m guessing she’ll join the harem. Jesus.

This was fun. The characters are delightful and the presentation is very calming. A bummer that there will be no nudity, but maybe you don’t necessarily need such to showcase sex appeal from character designs.

There are some high profile agitators on twitter calling Nekopara the height of anime degeneracy, gutter trash, proof that anime is on the decline, etc. 1) That’s only partially true 2) Eat a dick. AOTY inbound.

I’ll be playing the Nekopara games in between these reviews. Perhaps some actual reading will occur this time. This review is a week behind, so look for episode 2 to come out sometime shortly after this one.

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