Ishuzoku Reviewers fanservice review episode 7


Can I trade these eggs for nudity?


Last week we had half the episode be non nude despite the source manga chapter for that half being nude because they removed the nudity. Turns out despite this we were actually better off last week with that half nude episode because this week we get nearly nothing at all as they didn’t even bother to add any nudity to the source chapter for this episode. I mean seriously there is no nudity in the actual episode itself at all only the after credits scene. The only instance keeping this from getting the non nude tag is a single shot of salamander during the after credits segment. So if you are looking for nudity look elsewhere as it’s not here. Instead we get egg laying. So if you have a fetish for gacha capsule machines and like seeing vaginas function as one this is the episode for you. Also you probably want to be a Lizalfos as well for reasons you shall soon see.


While in the middle of working Meidri starts to have stomach pains and goes to her room. Zel tells everyone that she is having her period and when that happens to bird girls they have to lay eggs. This discussion results in Stunk saying how he has always wanted to watch and suggests they go to a place where you can pay to watch girls have their periods since that is a thing in this world. So they all head off to one.

“Would you like me to repeat all that Link?” >yes, no, Hits yes by mistake

After being explained the rules of paying 2000 gold to enter and hope some girls come by to lay their egg everyone pays and enters.


They are told about how when the girls lay their eggs they are auctioned off and as a result the place attracts famous chefs as well looking for rare eggs. The girls also get to keep all the money they earn from the eggs and as a result egg laying girls come here to earn extra gold by letting people watch and selling it off. Stunk then says it’s similar to how girls sell off their panties. Being a woman is truly easy mode when it comes to earning money. Selling panties, selling bathwater, selling period blood probably, some probably shit in a can and sell that too.

 This is how the coronavirus really came into existence. It’s goddess Ilias punishing this degeneracy for not killing all the monster girls that enter the arena instead.

As girls start to arrive they begin to see that they are all lizard type girls rather than the types they would want to see.

This is the AT-X version. Remember what I warned about last week with the additional censorship they added to the episode? It’s looking like the time for uncensored episodes might be over. The AT-X versions are simply less censored than the other channels now.


Meanwhile Meidri is laying her eggs.

After the next lizard girl finishes laying an egg, Stunk and the others decide to leave since nothing they want to see is going to show up. Just as they are about to leave they hear a birdmaid is next and they assume it will be someone like Meidri so they decide to stay and watch.

Best scene from the whole episode.


They see the bird girl is really a penguin type instead of what they were hoping for. After she lays two eggs and says there is another the crowd starts cheering even more as it is explained to them that if a girl lays a 3rd egg it means she is sexually pent up and doesn’t do anything to relieve herself. As a result 3rd eggs sell for high amounts.

Everyone gives their review of the place as Meidri gets scared hearing about how people like to watch girls like her laying eggs as the episode ends. We then get the popularity poll chapter after the credits in which the girls are ranked based on what manga readers voted for.

Salamander gets last place as no one wants her. However she still has her uses. Skin her and use her fire resistant flesh to craft fire protection equipment, Rip her claws out and use them to forge fire daggers, her fire resistant organs are packed with magical power and could with the right apothecary skills be used to create burn healing potions, her tough dragon scales much like skin would be invaluable to form additional armor and her tail with the right methods could be used to serve as a portable torch that can be turned on and off. If you are not an adventurer looking at a monster girl and thinking how you can profit off her corpse you have failed the goddess.404 popularity not found.Gets 7th place as her breasts are too large apparently according to the poll. That is crazy because that size would fetch you so much gold with the amount of hamburger meat you would get from that. Send her to the slaughter house and you would have so much ground beef you could open up your very own monster girl world version of mcdonalds that sells cowgirl burgers.

 Gets 6th place as Mufasa rigged the votes against her and her kind. Got 3rd place since people like cats I assume. Too bad for her the prize for 3rd place is going to be a trip to china.  These results were done for the manga but it makes no sense she was given second considering how little screen time she got.

And the winner ends up being Aloe which everyone already knew as that is the reason she is getting the figure included with the LE version of the BD. With that the episode ends. Kind of strange they did these poll results as an episode as they certainly are no longer valid after the show started airing. For example the twitter account did it’s own competition in which they tweeted a pic of each character in the show like 40+ and asked people to retweet to vote. No idea what they will do with those poll results or if they are planning on using it in a final episode or something but it was actually Crim that had the most votes for favorite character in the show for that one. So they may be planning something with those results at some point.



WebM Album.



Every show gets one free pass. A pass to ignore whatever is the worst episode of the show and not hold it against it since most shows have at least one episode that is a complete dud. Though after last week’s episode being half non nude and mainly static images this show was already pushing it and might as well had used up it’s safety pass with that one. To look at this episode positively at least at this point the only other place to go now is up or at least I hope. The egg laying thing I can ignore and not be bothered by but the complete lack of nudity and missed opportunities for service I take issue with. There was no nudity in the manga of this chapter so one could defend this episode by saying it stayed true to the manga but here is the problem with that. First the anime has shown itself willing to deviate from the manga in order to add nudity to parts where there were none in the manga so expecting the same here when the alternative was no nudity at all for the episode is completely reasonable. And two the previous episode removed nudity that was present in that manga chapter so you can’t excuse the lack of nudity this episode as being true to the manga because if being true to the manga can justify no nudity then being true to the manga also justifies the requirement to keep the inclusion of nudity. Which they did not do in the previous episode and went against the manga removing it thus not being true to it already.

Of course one could try to say no one wants to see nudity in this episode because of the girls but that is debatable and this show has already shown nudity of someone almost no one would had wanted to see in the first place anyway multiple times so that isn’t an issue either. An excuse for the the owl girl could had been made to show nudity if they needed it and I’m sure the penguin girl probably had more than enough people wanting to see her nude. The lizards not so much but considering the types of people that might be watching this there probably is an audience for it. More importantly the show has given us nasty granny titties multiple times so the excuse of no nudity this episode because of no attractive girls goes out the window as the ones in this episode would certainly have more people wanting to see nude than that thing. If this had been any other show the lack of nudity would had been a non issue but in the case of a show like this which has included it in every episode the choice to not have any suddenly stands out. But like I said every show gets at least one bad day excuse so as long as this is a one time thing there shouldn’t be any problems

The real kicker though was the wasted opportunity for the poll results. If you truly were not going to include nudity in the episode itself than this would had been the chance to make things right and redeem it. When each girl’s rank was read that should had been a chance to get some new service of each girl if only for a few seconds as a “prize” of sorts for that girl winning. One could had simply shown each girl with a client for a few seconds doing something to them or even a nude pan when the results were read but instead they show us the girls having men visit them. While in other times we just see reused footage of previous episodes such as when the catgirl said she was happy to take Crim’s virginity when her rank was read and we just see the scene of her hugging him from episode 1. Why not add an actual scene of her doing what she said for a few seconds? Even when Aloe is announced as the winner we get no new service from her and just see her taking a guy behind a door. Why did they skimp on adding any significant service to this segment knowing that they had nearly none for the whole rest of the episode? The only nudity we got here was salamander and that is simply because she doesn’t wear clothes in the first place.

I can’t imagine them giving a near completely non nude episode again after this or at least I hope not so next episode should presumably be better. Considering this was easily the worst episode so far anything else will be an improvement. Based on the end pv the next chapters should be the roleplay one and the succubus tower. The roleplay one is well rape roleplay so take from that what you will unless they change it to just be generic roleplay instead and remove the rape. The main appeal however of the next episode will be the succubus tower instead which should have plenty of opportunities for nice things but I’m pretty sure I said the same thing about the other demon girl episode as well and look how that turned out. The succubus chapter does fake censorship symbolism with Crim’s scene and since the title of the episode references that mayonnaise symbolism that scene should be there. So we will probably get that and maybe something for the other guys as well on that level. So something along the the lines of the mushroom episode I assume they will do with this since the scene in the chapter is similar to what they did there and presumably we go back to nudity next episode.

Final episode of overflow should hopefully remove the bad from seeing this episode. Unless of course they fuck that up and I rage over it. Best be a full kotone episode for the final one.