Overflow fanservice review episode 8


Ending with best girl.


We have now reached the final episode and much like the previous one it appears to be anime original. The final episode is a Kotone one and has two minutes of extra content in the r18 version. So we get to end things on best girl however there is one problem with this episode. The parts prior to the final sex scene are much better visually than what the final scene itself gives us for reasons you will see when we get there.


¬†Something isn’t right here with how he is drawn. Fortunately it’s fixed right after this.

Picking up from the previous episode everyone has decided to head to a pool place like they agreed to do previously as they head into the water.

After playing in the water for a bit they decided to try the giant water slide.

Kotone’s top comes off when using the slide and Kazushi tells Ayane to find something for Kotone to wear as he takes Kotone into a storage room to be safe from being seen. Why she can’t just put her top that is floating right next to them on who knows. It’s durability stat must be too low now.

Kotone thanks Kazushi for saving her because apparently one’s top falling off is the most dire situation you will ever face in your life. Kotone tells him that he has always been looking out for her and Ayane since they were kids and how happy it made her. In other words free pussy time. The all ages version gives this in place of it…

Meanwhile in the r18 version…

After they finish up they get a new swimsuit from Ayane for Kotone to wear as they continue on with their day. They then leave and head home as Kazushi shills the manga by talking about how the stuff he gets into with the sisters will continue on (and obviously pick up the manga to read the rest and see the third girl whom the show ended up never introducing) and with that the show ends.



WebM Album.



Glad that the show decided to give the last episode to Kotone but there was a big problem with her scene in this. Even though there was 2 minutes of extra content it didn’t feel like it and the reason why is because her entire scene was just one position and that was it making it feel really short. What is worse is that her scene didn’t utilize her best features. This is actually something that annoys me a lot that you see in both hentai and porn plenty of times and that is a bad choice on positions used that don’t showcase the girl’s main appeal. In the case of Kotone her best feature is obviously her breasts and that becomes increasingly clear just from the pool stuff in this episode. Yet despite this her final sex scene doesn’t give us much to look at of them or anything else for that matter. She gets just one scene during this with her back against the wall and most of her is covered by Kazushi. It was extremely annoying because you don’t have a character with breasts like that and then have them hidden for almost the entirety of the scene making it a complete waste of her potential.

I would say this sex scene was probably the most tame one we had in the whole show which is a shame they decided to end the show on it. The entire scene felt like it belonged in one of the girl r18 shows instead of this. I mentioned this before when covering the fireman one previously which the same studio did but that would constantly have angles that made it clear it was made for women and this episode seems to had been the studio doing that here. This probably can be contributed to the director mentioning prior to the show that they wanted to put something to appeal to women that might be wataching by focusing on audio and such during the scenes. I can’t even be sure the director is a guy either as the name sounds female but since japan ends up having confusing gender names at times it’s hard to tell. This was something that was an issue with Araiya as well and that was the director for that previously had only did the girl r18 shows and the yaoi one and I believe I said in the last episode for that how odd it was they would have someone like that directing a male aimed one.

In short I really wish we would get a director for these r18 shows for men that is a full straight blooded male who knows guys are meant to be the main audience of male aimed r18 shows and makes sure to keep that in mind when it comes to the sex scenes. Joshi Ochi didn’t really have this issue but since that was the first of these it had some obvious first one learning curves they needed to get around leading to some minor issues which is only natural. With all that said though this was certainly the best male aimed r18 show we have gotten so far. Though the animation started to drop off in quality as it went on as opposed to the first episode which was really good animation quality. It still despite this ended up being the best in terms of art and animation we have gotten from these.

It also managed to avoid the big problem Araiya had where only one girl had a scene because they removed the scene for the other. They managed to keep the screen time for each of the two girls about equal to not show complete favoritism to one or the other. This show also did something the other two didn’t which I really approve of them doing and hope other r18 shows follow and that is the original episodes we got at the end. This is something I would really like to see the future shows utilize as well as it gives the opportunity to give us content not seen in the source material. A shame they didn’t really take full advantage of this here and give us positions and such we had not gotten in the story yet but it’s the thought that counts I guess.

So this show did try some new things which is nice though I wish that would also apply to the plot for these. If I had any complaint for this show it would be that all of these r18 male shows have fallen into the same major issue all the r18 girl ones have and that is being a copy paste of each other. For all 3 so far we get a tsundere girl that is obviously the main girl and her rival is the nicer far superior girl yet both girls also end up being submissive and the guy doing all the initializing in most cases. Doesn’t help that Ayane and Kotone look very similar to the previous show’s main girls either. This is the big thing these shows really need to improve on and that is changing things up and not being the same thing each time. They seem to be too afraid to do a different plot which is why all the girl ones feel like the same stuff over and over and now the male ones are starting to be the same way. Hopefully the next one does something different from “Tsundere likes main guy and eventually confesses at or near the end while competing with non tsundere girl”.

As for the next male r18 show I would assume it might not be till fall we get the next one based on the pattern so far. Joshi Ochi was summer 2018 then two seasons later in spring 2019 was Araiya then 2 seasons later now was Overflow so logically the next would be in fall. The spring show has already been announced and it is a girl one and since a girl one also won the contest comicfesta had to win an adaption I would suspect that might be summer as well so this would match up for fall being open for the next male one. I’m doubting I will cover the girl one next season as I have given up on the girl ones unless they do something special. And even though the design of the main girl for next season’s should by all accounts be enough to make me want to cover it I decided to look at some sample pics of that manga and noticed something during the sex scenes. Maybe the adaption will change it but from what I saw the next r18 show which features a glasses girl has her remove them during all her scenes from the few pics I could find. That would be a nightmare for someone like me so I’m glad I stopped covering the girl ones.

In the meantime we now wait for the next r18 male show to get announced and there almost certainly will be another one. Just wish they would make the male aimed ones as common place as the female ones are instead of making us wait multiple season between each. So looks like maybe fall for the next one if history is any indication but summer still isn’t fully confirmed yet so there is always a chance they could surprise us with one early but I’m putting my expectations on fall.¬†

What a pain. Why did they have to make her scene so tame. Also I am going to continuously be salty that we have still yet to get women taking control in these. Would had been the best way to end this episode and would had really set this apart from the others. Maybe one day we will finally get one where all the women aren’t all submissive and weak. It’s cliched and overdone and just annoying. But the japanese seems to be into that *smashs head on table*.