Kiss x Sis OVA Episode 8 Fanservice Review

Private Lessons With Sensei

It’s Yuzuki’s turn to do lewd stuff with Keita. She visits the Suminoe household under the guise of a parent teacher conference and winds up torso touching in his bed. These two eventually date each other in the manga for a period of time, so it was interesting to look back at the beginnings of their relationship.

You may recall Keita being seconds removed from eating the pussy of a 13 year old girl who happens to be Yuzuki’s sister. This appears to turn her on more so than gross her out.Yuzuki takes it upon herself to search Keitas bedroom for confirmation of his degeneracy, while being oblivious to her own.

Keita trips on air to give us an excuse to see Yuzuki naked as her clothes are in a washing cycle. She does not disappoint.

beautiful. Yuzuki has never looked better in the anime than here.

Kiss x Sis will probably never come closer to raw sex than dry humping or in this case, Keita’s erection bench pressing Yuzuki. There are instances of oral sex as of recent KxS chapters, though.

Yuzuki has a fetish for historical Japanese warriors raping herself or Keita. Quite the specific kink.

these are the most wholesome parents ecchi will ever know. full encouragement of their childrens sexual wellness.

I figured the episode would end here. Then the sisters remind you who the show is titled after. I am in love with Riko’s design here.

meanwhile in Yuzuki’s bedroom…


Yuzuki is a somewhat controversial character within the KxS community. Some hate that she interrupts service from the sisters, others find her personality annoying, others are into the sensei forbidden love trope and enjoy her bashful nature. I belonged to the former group until this episode made her body look better than ever and had her pressed up against Keita for like fifteen minutes. The kind of service that’ll awaken a fetish for sensei-student relations. Her bizarre fetish for samurai and general otaku tendencies makes her endearing in a comedic figure way as well. Fortunately this isn’t the last we see of her in the OVA. The sisters coming in at the last minute to aggressively hump their brother was great. They are very competitive over the affections of Keita and refuse to allow anyone to outshine them, with a few exceptions.

The next episode is back to dedicated sister service under a specific fetish – armpit licking. If that happens to be your kink, you’re in luck. If not, prepare to have a new kink.

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