Shinchou Yuusha TV Fanservice Review: Episode 8

More Goddess fanservice with more of those holy light beams!! Hallelujah….. XDHello everyone!! (^^)/ Welcome back to another episode of Cautious Hero fanservice review for more Goddess fanservice!! In this episode, the Goddess fanservice begins at Ariadoa’s house where Ariadoa shows Ristarte some of the dormant powers that Mash and Elulu have unlocked.

Ristarte  was really pleased with the results and tells Ariadoa about Seiya’s training with Mitis. Ariadoa was worried and reveals that Mitis was banished to the Verdent Forest because she is a nymphomaniacal goddess who abducts and sexually devours summoned heroes. As Ristarte rushed to the forest to warn Seiya about it, they saw Mitis already tied herself up to a tree. XD

As Mitis libido is reaching the max, she frees herself form being tied up and attacks Seiya lustfully.

Mitis was unable to get close to Seiya and she changes her target on Mash. As she was about to get close to Mash, Seiya ultimately managed to stop her with his long range attack which he learned from Mitis. XD

After the training was completed, they all returned to Gaeabrande to defeat Beel Bub. As they arrived, Rosalie already left off alone to fight Beel Bub’s horde but was eventually captured by Beel Bub. Seiya asks Ristarte goes after Beel Bub while Seiya provides cover for her.

When Beel Dub turns his attention to Seiya and attempts to kill him off, he was killed by Seiya’s latest skill. XD After Beel Bub’s horde is dealt with, Rosalie reluctantly tells Seiya about a legendary suit of armor in a shrine near the village of Izale. When the party arrives in Izale, they find the village in ruins. They are then confronted by Kilkapul, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, who reveals that he destroyed the armor so Seiya cannot use it.

That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode of Cautious Hero anime. We hoped you all are enjoying this anime and also the Goddess fanservice as well. XD (It could’ve been better without those holy light beams) Let’s all pray that all those holy light beams will be removed during the BD. Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone and please stay tuned for more Goddess fanservice in the coming episodes of fanserice review!! (^^)v